Questioning, Month-by-Month


This resource is to be used as a guide for schools that wish to identify key techniques for embedding a questioning culture across their organisation. It’s the perfect tool to complement curriculum planning.

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This resource identifies 10 questioning ideas (as an example), elaborated in detail in the Guide To Questioning book, explaining how each technique could be explicitly taught in teacher training sessions as well as in every classroom across the school on a month-by-month basis. The rationale behind this is that each technique builds on the other to help students develop inquiry, collegiality and risk-taking when responding to questions in class. 

All teachers pose approximately 300 questions per day. Push any teacher further and ask them to name one or two techniques, and you may get one or two responses. Push them even further and ask them how many different types of questioning strategies they have embedded into the teacher-DNA (for automaticity) and we discover we still have some work to do.

Looking carefully at the available research on classroom questioning, this resource brings the ideas together into a sequence of strategies all teachers can use in their classrooms. Towards the end of the book, moving from general classroom questioning strategies to techniques used in group or individual situations, this resource offers a timetable of ideas to align with curriculum planning.


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