Retrieval Practice Classroom Tools

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It is clear that retrieval practice is where all teachers must focus their efforts.

This resource offers a good body of academic research alongside some practical templates you can try in your classroom. If teachers regularly prepare with retrieval practice in mind, they can develop pupils’ schema to aid long-term retention.

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Did you know, that the first academic reference to retrieval practice dates back to 1909? No. Neither did I, but at least I am reassured that the work all teachers are doing is timeless, research-informed and that our energies and efforts are focused in the right places.

In this resource, I have outlined a wide range of academic sources and practical tools, heavily influenced by Pooja Agarwal, Patrice Bains, Tricia Taylor, Henry L. Roediger III and Jeff Karpicke to name a few. These ideas and templates will help you keep focused on effective teaching and learning techniques in your classroom. Do let me know how you get on!

I am confident that this resource provides you with the essential tools to unlock learning in your classroom.



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