Senior Leader Standards


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Who helps you prepare for senior leadership in school? How do you know if you are ready, or if in post, are you performing well? This self-reflection document can be used as a personal tool for development or shared with a colleague to provide 360 feedback on your current performance.

This 2-page PDF document can also inform appraisal targets and research enquiry.


These standards are intended as guidance to underpin best practice, whatever the particular job description of the senior leader. They are to be interpreted in the context of each individual and designed to be relevant to all irrespective of the length of service in post.

The standards can be used to:

  • shape leaders own practice and professional development, within and beyond the school
  • inform the appraisal of senior leaders
  • support the recruitment and appointment of senior leaders
  • provide a framework for training middle and senior leaders, aspiring to headship.


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