Webinar: Retrieval Practice


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This 45-minute webinar offers teachers a resource which can be used to develop their knowledge of retrieval practice, perfect for teachers who wish to explore cognitive science and discover how to instil action-research approaches to teaching and learning at a classroom level.

The file contains a walk-through, a PDF resource pack and set of slides/ideas that subscribers can edit for themselves to help adapt these ideas back into their setting.


Theories of why humans forget have been tested for decades.

What we do know is that learning itself is not harmed by the amount of verbal material studied, but the retrieval of that material becomes more difficult as the number of items tested increases. Research into interference and memory (Malmberg et al., 2012) suggests that we must not assume that ‘forgetting is the result only of changing context’.

This 30-minute webinar/training session (plus 10 minutes question and answer) aims to meet demands and help other teachers learn more about retrieval practice and how you can adapt the ideas back in your place of work in terms of its theory and application in the classroom.


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