Maximising Study Techniques: What Really Works?

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Study Techniques


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Are your students using the most effective study strategies?

Help your students discover the truth behind popular study techniques and there impact on student achievement …

Recent studies, such as those by Bartoszewski (2015) at the University of Wisconsin and Dunlosky et al., (2013), delve into various study techniques to determine which ones significantly impact student performance. From elaborative interrogation to keyword mnemonics, the spectrum of strategies tested shows diverse applications but varied efficacy in educational settings.

Whilst this is useful, what strategies should teachers recommend based on their subjects and the students they are teaching?

The significance of selecting effective study strategies lies in their potential to enhance student outcomes. Despite the broad array of methods available, research indicates that not all are equally beneficial, and some might even hinder performance when misapplied.

Study Techniques Skills

Study techniques into the curriculum

Teachers can integrate robust study techniques into the curriculum by:

  1. Encouraging the use of proven methods like practice testing and distributed practice.
  2. Designing assignments that naturally incorporate effective study strategies, fostering deeper engagement with the material.
  3. Providing clear guidance on which strategies are suited for various subjects and learning objectives.

12 Recall Techniques

Reflection questions for teachers:

  1. How can teachers integrate high-impact study techniques into daily lessons?
  2. What opportunities exist for students to share successful study strategies among peers?
  3. How can technology be utilised to reinforce effective learning habits?
  4. In what ways can feedback from assessments shape more effective study habits?
  5. How might adjustments be made to accommodate the needs of students with SEND using these techniques?
  6. Could regular CPD sessions on study strategies enhance teacher effectiveness?
  7. What measures can be taken to evaluate the impact of new study techniques within teaching?
  8. How do our current teaching methods influence the study strategies students choose?
  9. Are there subject-specific study techniques that should be prioritised?
  10. How can the insights from educational psychology research be more widely disseminated among teaching staff?

Wishing everyone a successful examination season! Discover more about the relationship between study techniques and exam scores …

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