Why Disney inspired Shooting Stars is Great For Girls’ Sport!

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Disney inspired Shooting Stars


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How can the magic of Disney transform KS1-2 girls’ sports and literacy in your primary school?

Disney inspired Shooting Stars offers a fully funded, holistic training programme designed to actively engage girls in both sports and literacy, courtesy of a collaboration between The FA, Disney, The Youth Sports Trust, and The National Literacy Trust.

I used to organise and coach a girls’ football team after school. I have so many fond memories of the muddy training sessions, the journeys to and from various fixtures and the active engagement of the pupils.

Providing girls with the foundations they need

Levelling the playing field in our schools is so important, especially supporting girls, who do not get the same attention as boys, into sport. Add to this the effects of the pandemic on childrens’ activity levels and the trends towards increased screen time! I know it’s more important than ever for primary schools to find innovative ways to get their pupils active. This is why programmes like Shooting Stars provide girls with the foundations they need.

Disney inspired Shooting Stars is a fully-funded initiative aiming to bring girls’ favourite Disney stories into your primary school’s extra-curricular provision. This initiative provides training for staff and amazing resources which will help you to help girls in KS1 and 2 get more physically active, through games and activities that immerse girls in some of Disney’s most loved stories.

The programme has the support of the Youth Sports Trust and the National Literacy Trust. So, you’re in good company! What I love about this initiative is how it aims to level the playing field, literally and figuratively, for our young girls. The programme tackles the gender gap in physical education head-on!

The programme has also considered how to make the best use of your extra-curricular time, which can also act as an English booster!

Girls will be flexing their muscles while enriching their vocabulary and speaking skills. A real win-win!

Supporting school curriculum

Teachers should also consider the new Ofsted sport and activity action plan for primary schools, alongside so many other squeezes on curriculum time. The Shooting Stars programme is an excellent example of how multiple priorities can be delivered in synchronisation with after-school clubs or extra-curricular provision, make clever use of playground time! You can read a case study of the impact the programme has had in two primary schools.

Resources and training

Disney inspired Shooting Stars provides a suite of training and resources to assist teachers and non-specialist staff in delivering the activities. These incorporate throwing, catching and kicking, as well as activities which introduce some basic invasion games principles and building girls’ confidence with a football.

The training and resources are available online and on-demand to access whenever works for you and your staff. They’ve got everything to kickstart your delivery of the initiative. As schools sign up for the first time, you receive a start-up pack including storybooks, adventure passports to take home, certificates, promotional posters, letters to take home to parents, bibs, and differentiation dice. Perfect for any staff member, and with non-PE specialists in mind so anyone can deliver the sessions, even if PE isn’t your forte!

Schools signing up to the training after the 17th October and completing the training by 31 December 2023 will receive a complementary bundle of limited edition ‘Ella – A Modern Day Fairytale’ books. So, time is limited; seize this opportunity to enrich your pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing while strengthening cross-curricular ties.

Take advantage of this fully-funded resource and be a pioneer in innovative, multi-disciplinary teaching!

If only I had these resources to hand when I first started coaching girls, I suspect I’d have a number of successful teams, connecting physical activities back into the classroom! 

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