5 Ways To Enhance Your School’s Primary Curriculum

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Lion Academy Trust Pathways Curriculum


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Does your primary school need additional curriculum materials?

The Lion Pathways curriculum provides the best possible combination of content, sequenced and structured learning, and the best possible support for all teaching staff, enabling every school to be successful.

The Lion Learning Trust has everything you need to support your pupils to make progress, and love learning.

Tailored learning, made easy!

I am in a lucky position to be able to work with lots of schools across the country and also work with a large number of organisations. I get to see the good, the bad and the ugly, and occasionally, something quite fantastic comes my way!

If you don’t have the time to search for resources to support your school’s curriculum, look no further!

Developed by teachers, for teachers, the curriculum offers a proven assessment framework, detailed lesson plans and all the support and guidance needed to reclaim your Sunday afternoons, giving teachers the time and capacity to do what they do best – tailoring each lesson for pupils!

Explore the benefits for your school:

  1. Thousands of digitalised lessons to support the Lion Pathway Curriculum.
  2. Curriculum maps to bring learning to life.
  3. Assessment sheets for every topic and module.
  4. Clear pupil tracking opportunities.
  5. Everything you need from year one to year six.

Take a moment to find out for yourself what content-rich materials this curriculum has to offer!

Unlock pupil potential with a turbo-charged curriculum!

Created by teachers to ensure that every pupil is given the same opportunities of a brilliant primary education, the Lion Learning Pathways ensures that valuable teacher time and capacity is spent on tailoring and targeting learning – not searching for resources and templates.

From a pupil’s perspective, the vocabulary-rich consistent layout and structure to every lesson, in every setting, means that the opportunities to talk to their classmates to drive forward their learning is at the heart of every subject, in every year.

Just look at this sample of the music curriculum to get a flavour of what can be achieved in your setting.


The ultimate solution for school curriculum

The Lion Pathways curriculum provides the following:

  1. Scaffolded learning – curated to support knowledge acquisition and subject-specific content for the full range of mainstream attending pupils;
  2. Sequencing of learning – visually and in terms of lesson plans allows more confident engagement by staff and a focus on tailoring lessons for individuals or specific cohorts;
  3. Teacher workload reduction – the provision of content-rich, fully resourced subjects – via planning aides and digitised lessons means less time/resource on sourcing material, more time and focus on precision teaching;
  4. More effective deployment of resources – better use of time and effort in pre-PPA and PPA means less need for cover, greater efficiencies and consistency in lesson planning – freeing up focus on pupils’ needs and in-lesson delivery.

This is an invaluable resource providing all your teaching and learning content requirements – split by key stage to support pupils from year 1 to year 6.

Discover how the Lion Pathways curriculum could transform your school!

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