Teaching and Learning in Cumbria

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What is it like to be a teacher in Cumbria?

Last week, I had the opportunity to work with teachers in the Lake District, Cumbria. The purpose was to support the school on their journey to developing better study skills for their pupils …

Working with teachers across the UK

Post-pandemic, out and about on the road visiting all corners of the UK, in a follow-up to my international teaching and learning series, I thought it is about time I started to celebrate all the different parts of our wonderful country, unpicking the work that all our teachers are doing across the UK.

Whilst I’ve already been to all corners of the UK – and there is lots to write about – Cumbria will be my first in this new series. Without offering any specifics about the schools I work with in the region, I thought I’d offer a macro-view of Cumbria when compared to other parts of England.

Teaching and learning in Cumbria

  1. In terms of school size, the North West of England ranks 7th (from 9) in comparison with other parts of England
  2. In Cumbria, the average school size is 301 pupils, with Carlisle the most-populated
  3. In terms of deprivation, the North West ranks 3rd/9
  4. In Cumbria, coastal areas are far more deprived than inland
  5. Budget per pupil (2019), the North West ranks 4th/9 with a mean spend of £6,679 per pupil
  6. Pupils eligible for free school meals, the North West ranks 3rd highest (9)
  7. There are 366 schools across Cumbria, covering 2,613 square miles.
  8. There are ~70 secondary schools and colleges, and ~300 primary schools
  9. Currently, 29 schools are rated Inadequate and/or RI by Ofsted

Cumbria is a beautiful part of the country in which to teach, but it does come with its demographic challenges. Whilst in every corner of the UK there are stunning locations, poverty is not too far away from us all. I was delighted to support a school in the region working towards a revolutionary curriculum.

Regardless of location, all schools face the same challenges, however, location can make it much tougher for some …


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