Whole-School Curriculum Thinking

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How do we get all teachers thinking about whole-school curriculum decisions?

In many schools, one person is responsible for the strategic direction of the curriculum. With so much to consider, offering a curriculum and deciding what should be taught is one of the toughest challenges for all schools.

In its purest form, the role of the educator is to teach, but anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a school knows that things are not that simple. Moving through the curriculum objectives while addressing the pupils’ social issues and helping them to become autonomous, confident individuals is no easy feat.

It is essential that all schools regularly revise their curriculum plans for a wide number of reasons. This video provides 8 suggestions for teachers to consider…

This resource offers 8 steps for rethinking the curriculum.

The person who leads the curriculum should also have an overview of all teachers’ CPD needs. Perhaps both can be closely aligned to help respond to the needs of pupils and society.

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