School Leadership: Embedding a Coaching Culture

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How can school and college leaders successfully embed a coaching culture across an organisation?

The culture in school is vital in developing and maintaining high standards. Frequent coaching conversations with staff and students are vital in ensuring that long-term, sustainable improvements can be achieved…

At the root of all the practice and the action research I have conducted in education over the last 30 years, teachers need deep and meaningful conversations with colleagues in order to improve their thinking and performance.

Coaching gets a bad reputation in schools because it is often implemented poorly and used (only) with teachers who are (supposedly) under-performing more often than those who wish to develop further. Add into the mix a busy working environment that is time-poor and under significant pressure, plus reducing budgets, you can see why coaching is very difficult for leaders to implement across an organisation.

Over the last 15 years, I have been developing teaching and learning across whole school organisations and in the last four years, helping other schools and colleges to kickstart and embed a coaching culture. This short 3-minute video offers a 10-point summary of timelines; all resources are available on the website.


  1. The timeline shown in the above video explaining the ‘devil in the details’, helping school leaders bring coaching to life and the associated strategies and logistics.
  2. This CPD Manual offers effective coaching strategies for teachers of all subjects and phases, and is suitable for teachers at every stage of their career.
  3. This 110-minute webinar helps teachers and school leaders unpick particular problems and how they can be resolved, plus how other schools are already doing this effectively. The resource contains the tools for transformation; a walk-through recording, a PDF resource pack, a large set of slides, plus slides that you can edit to help adapt ideas back into your setting.
  4. It’s also worth reading my 30-day teaching and learning plan and my 9-point plan for professional development.

Get in touch if you would like me to help you bring it to life.

I believe that coaching dialogue can happen in five to 15 minutes, and can take place weekly inside or outside the classroom. The challenge for all leaders is how to make it logistically operate day-to-day within school structures…

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