Teach Fewer Things At Greater Depth

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Do Less Not More


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Where should teachers and schools focus their efforts?

Thanks to the feedback from 30,000 teachers, Mark Plan Teach is better than ever!

In January 2021, I publish my 9th teaching book.

Teaching in happier institutions…

Over the last 3 years, having worked Mark. Plan. Teach in a wide variety of educational settings, I have been reassured that the theory and practice are what teachers truly need. The original premise was to do less, not more. This teaching philosophy is still apt as it was when we first developed this at my school in 2014.

Teach fewer things at greater depth.

The school and college leaders who create conditions for teachers to talk about teaching and learning on a regular basis are leading happier institutions, and my work to date confirms the original principles of Mark. Plan. Teach.

Of great interest is how the materials and content have been received in a wide variety of settings. Primary schools, pupil referral units, international and virtual schools, to high-stake accountability settings and independent schools with fee-paying parents exceeding £125,000 per annum! I’ve seen it all…

These leaders prioritise a forum to take risks to discuss complex teaching ideas.

Hello, Mark Plan Teach 2.0

Leaders who strip away unnecessary accountability and increasing workload pressures on teachers, plus acting as a buffer from external distractions will help teachers focus on their core purpose: to assess, to create coherent curriculum sequences, and to impart this in the classroom.

This is underpinned by using highly effective and research-informed teaching strategies.

Bringing teaching ideas to life!

Lockdown has given me the opportunity to rewrite and update Mark Plan Teach based on my experiences of bringing the content to life, working with thousands of teachers around the world.

And although the first copy had 34 sketchnote summaries behind the scenes to support schools, this time they are updated and included in the new edition. I hope this new book supports another 30,000 teachers!

Order a copy?

  1. Mark Plan Teach on Amazon
  2. A signed copy on my website or,
  3. Order directly from the publishers.

What you need to do is work out which supplier will ship a copy to you first!

With recent teacher training jobs in Brazil, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and South Korea switching to online, I have continued to learn from teachers all over the world.

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