Resources To Help Students Back At School

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How can resources help pupils develop resilience and readjust to the ‘new normal’?

The British Red Cross has a whole host of new resources to provide support to teachers, children, young people and parents through the coronavirus crisis. 

Thumbnail Brc Stacked Logo 250x250pxAs children return to school, Red Cross now want to help with the recovery back to the classroom. Beyond their incredible international charity work, not many teachers will know that they also deliver brilliant and accessible resources for both primary and secondary school teachers. 

To support teachers and pupils during the COVID-19 pandemic, the British Red Cross promoted the value of kindness through their ‘kindness calendar‘. 

They have also published these new resilience resources which are differentiated for primary and secondary pupils, and have been designed to support children’s wellbeing and support their reintroduction back into the school environment. The resources are usable at home and in the classroom, making them ideal for both in-school and remote learning

Resilience resources to help children: 

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Winnie, 10, and Pearl, 8, completing the circles of control as part of the COVID-19 home-schooling resources.

Resources ready to go!

There are 3 resources already published and available for use:

  1. Recovering from change and challenges 
  2. Reacting to change and uncertainty
  3. Plus back to better. 

You can also sign up to receive new resources as and when they are published.

Are you set to teach First Aid?

The range of resilient resources is not all the Red Cross have to offer students and teachers.

Their brand new site dedicated to First Aid resources encourages First Aid champions for 5-18-year-olds. By keeping things simple, the site helps you confidently deliver lessons in line with the new RSE and health curriculum. The interactive site includes engaging videos from real-life characters, PowerPoints and quizzes.  

Schools will need to be providing a broad and balanced curriculum that supports pupils’ mental health more than ever.

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