Supporting Early Career Teachers

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Early Career Teacher


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How is your school supporting Early Career Teachers?

UCL’s Early Career Framework Consortium will provide a robust evidence-based professional development programme for newly qualified teachers and their mentors over two years.

Supporting new teachers to grow

The resources encourage professional discussion and partnership learning, aimed at making a difference to young lives. Through self-directed study and mentor meetings in the first year, and practitioner enquiry in the second year, our programme will enable new teachers to grow into the profession.

A flexible approach

UCL have used a spiral learning model so that the materials can be approached flexibly, allowing individuals to develop their practice to suit their needs and context. Early Career Teachers will have a school-based mentor, but will also join a phase-based local cluster, facilitated by an expert who understands their context.

There will also be expert-led clusters for those in specialist settings such as Alternative Provision, Special Schools and post-16 provision. Mentors will have access to facilitated training and self-study based on the ONSIDE model, which acknowledges and builds on existing expertise. Throughout the programme good practice will be modelled, skills built upon, and the joy of teaching enhanced.

5 reasons to choose UCL

  1. A team who will deliver a research- and practice-informed programme
  2. The team is in the Institute of Education, London with colleagues in Manchester and the North East
  3. A programme for both early career teachers and mentors
  4. A conceptual framework, which understands that ECTs develop different facets of knowledge
  5. An enquiry approach in year 2 means, deepening their practical knowledge.

Having worked with UCL last year to produce the verbal feedback project, I have already benefited from their methods as well as the thousands of teachers who have already download our research findings.

This gives me great confidence in their plans to support new teachers working in the profession.

Having taken a closer look, once public you will see there is a lot of practical tools in this programme for teachers, and some rich exemplification.

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