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Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit in 2010, and today, he is one of the 'most followed educators'on social media in the world. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the '500 Most Influential People in Britain' by The Sunday Times as a result of...
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What can you expect from my new book, Just Great Teaching?

Today is my 4th book birthday! 60,000 words, 50 ideas and 10 case study schools, including over 10,000 data insights from teacher-interviews, unpicking the strengths and challenges of the teaching profession across the U.K. Just Great Teaching!

You can buy a copy on Amazon (cheaper) or head straight to publishers directly (who will always have the first stock for distribution). Alternatively, you can grab a copy via my website and I’ll sign a copy and post it to you anywhere in the world! Note, there will be an audio version (on Audible) where you can listen to a copy to and from work – perfect for the busy, classroom teacher…

Why did you write this book?

When I set about thinking how to write this book, my starting point was the frustrations with our school system at a national level. There are so many issues that are pouring down from above, impinging on teachers and schools across the nation and hindering them from being able to do the best job they can for our young people. Currently, these challenges include school funding, high-stakes accountability and continually changing goalposts in relation to curriculum and assessment, among many others.

Via my social media channels, where I have over 250,000 followers, and my website, which has reached ten million readers, I have been able to develop a wider perspective on educational issues, and I feel frustrated with the current political dialogue. Cash-strapped schools, fewer people, tougher exams – yet we maintain the highest standards – our teachers must be commended for their incredible work. This book aims to celebrate our achievements!


Inside the book

Ross Morrison McGill has been asking penetrating questions about education policy for over a decade. Just Great Teaching doesn’t disappoint. In an era of over-tested young people, a teacher recruitment crisis and grave concerns about workload, we urgently need solutions. This book provides a refreshing new vision of how our schools could be. – Fiona Millar, education writer and commentator, @schooltruth

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What do people say?

Listening to teachers about the pressures on their time, their wellbeing and their mental health, Ross offers back to the profession the practical wisdom he has accumulated. In the end, it is much more than Just Great Teaching; it is the hopeful manifesto our profession so urgently needs. – Mark Quinn, Programme Leader, London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education

Drawing on his considerable experience as a classroom teacher and senior leader, this is a powerful working document for a better education system – Bobby Seagull, Maths Teacher, University of Cambridge Doctoral Student, Author and BBC TV Presenter, @bobby_seagull

Bursting with fresh ideas, packed with practical tips, filled with wise words, this is an inspiring guide for all teachers – Lee Elliot Major, Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter and co-author of ‘What Works?’, @LEM_Exeter

Ross outlines the current challenges of teaching practice and follows this up with a compendium of ideas on making teaching and learning effective – Allana Gay, Headteacher of Vita et Pax Preparatory and BAMEed co-founder, @AllanaG13

Just Great Teaching knits together the historical context and the research prior to providing practical advice for the present, occasionally offering a glimpse of a possible future – James Pope, Director, InspirEDucate, @popejames

Rooted in relevant research and backed with practical examples, Just Great Teaching provides clear solutions to the everyday issues encountered in teaching. – Chris Moyse, Head of Staff Development, Bridgwater and Taunton College Trust

The recommended approaches will enhance teachers’ learning because the book provides details of how to adopt research-based strategies and explains why these approaches support students’ learning – Elaine Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Cambridge, @egwilson

I have the privilege of working with schools every week and I speak with fellow educators on a daily basis, discussing the complexities of education and our work as teachers and school leaders. This perspective has given me a broad lens through which to view the challenges we are facing and also consider what we can do both to improve our practice as individuals and to disseminate great teaching ideas across the profession.

I hope this book makes a difference to you and the people around you.

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