Podcast 51: Teacher Ethics, Burnout and Demoralisation

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Teacher Demoralised

Joshua McGovern

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Are teachers demoralised or burnt out, and why do teachers have a reluctance to say ‘no’?

Our 51st interview is with Professor Doris A. Santoro, an academic at Bowdoin College is a liberal arts college in America’s Northeast. Doris has published two books and in this podcast, we unpick what her research suggests about the teaching workforce and ethical dilemmas teachers have to make.

In this 40-minute podcast, the 28th interview in our 100 women series, we break all the rules about short-podcasts and go deeper into an academic conversation about teacher research. Tune in, because it really is fascinating, and listen to Doris and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • The experience students have at Bowdoin CollegeDoris A. Santoro
  • How workload can be offset by specific skill sets
  • Hear Doris speaks about her education, her career and how she got to where she is today
  • How teacher’s struggle to meet all children’s needs and how not to be demoralised by that
  • Why Doris wants to see school funding change in the American education system
  • How Doris managed to publish two books in the same time period
  • Why teachers have a reluctance to say ‘no’ in the workplace
  • Discuss resistance sometimes having an ethical source that’s worth exploring
  • Discover social media’s influence on education policy and educators in her books
  • Where women are in education today in America
  • Why Doris wants to see women rethinking and taking on leadership roles.

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Recommend Books

  • Demoralized is an analysis of professional dissatisfaction that challenges the common explanation of teacher burnout.
  • Principled Resistance unpicks the steps teachers take, in their reasoning and in their actions, and what ethical dilemmas they face, which have a significant impact on American society.

You can find out more about Doris on her website, her college profile and follow her on Twitter and discover more about her books on Amazon. Return to our website to read more about what we learn from her research…

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