Podcast 33: What Was It Like To Play In The London 2012 Olympics?

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I love basketball

Joshua McGovern

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How can playing a sport get you a free education?

Our 21st interviewee for the 100 Women series is professional basketball player Azania Stewart. Azania plays for the British national team and has been playing since she was talented spotted at the age of 16.

Podcast Summary

In this episode you can hear Azania and Teacher Toolkit editor Holly Gardner:

  • look at how Azania’s sporting talent directly affected her path in education
  • delve into the details of Azania’s training regime
  • discuss the popularity of women’s basketball in Europe compared to the UK and US
  • hear Azania champion sport for young girls and boys
  • list Azania’s greatest achievements and the personal stories that go along with them
  • explain why giving back is important.

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Get Behind Team GB!

Azania recently officially announced her retirement from international basketball, but there is still a chance to watch her in action and support her as she plays her 100th game for Great Britain! She will be playing in two key Eurobasket Qualification games against Greece and Portugal, taking place in Manchester at the National Basketball Performance Centre on 17th and 21st November.

You can follow Azania on Twitter or on Instagram and find out more about GB basketball here.

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