Podcast 73: How Can Teachers Create A Cult of Pedagogy?

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Jennifer Gonzalez cult of pedagogy

Joshua McGovern

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If you are a teacher-blogger, what impact do you have on other teachers?

Our 73rd interview is with Jennifer Gonzalez, founder of blog ‘Cult of Pedagogy’ which covers everything from classroom management to technology, policy and social justice.

In this podcast, listen to Jennifer and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • We discover the similarities between Jennifer and Ross’s blogs and classroom stories
  • We ask what Jennifer was like at school and her experiences
  • Learn more about her career in education, teaching pre-service teachers at West Kentucky University
  • What changes Jennifer would like to see in the Kentucky schooling system
  • How Jennifer responded to her school’s staffroom frustration: the teacher’s lounge
  • The marigold teaching tip – Jennifer’s most popular resource
  • The operational challenges of running a popular blog – and top tips
  • Should teachers create and sell resources – and what skills are required
  • Which voices Jennifer is trying to uplift in the education sector and,
  • The positives and negatives of Teachers Pay Teachers.

Listen to the podcast (35 minutes)

Remember, our podcast is available on iTunes!

Discover more about Jennifer on her superb website, www.CultOfPedagogy.com, her podcasts, videos and resources store – there are a huge plethora of resources for teachers.



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