🎙️ Podcast 116: Why We Need Diversity in Teaching

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Diversity Identity And Privacy Concept

Joshua McGovern

Joshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018. He is responsible for our Soundcloud and iTunes channels and is the production manager for podcasts. He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University. Aside from working...
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How do teachers get to know their pupils and how can we act as role models in our subject teaching?

Our 116th interview is with, Renaldo Lawrence, PE teacher, ectech and IT specialist educator at Glyn School in Epsom, and author of a self-help and a comic book. 

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In this podcast, listen to Renaldo and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • Renaldo’s childhood and professional basketball careerRenaldo Lawrence
  • Giving advice to your children
  • His start in teaching in the UK
  • Getting to grips with teaching IT and his experiences of attending SLTeachMeet
  • Racism, white privilege and diversity
  • Representation in all subjects across education, writing books, and
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic.


I’m just interested in people; I’m interested in how systems work and I started teaching on a whim. What started out as 6 weeks has so far, been 12 years…

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3 thoughts on “🎙️ Podcast 116: Why We Need Diversity in Teaching

  1. I believe it is important to have Diversity as it makes it engaging for anyone that is involved in Education. You can also learn from one another. Really interesting discussion!

  2. Thank you so much for you post.
    I really appreciate the contributions that you gave in your post. I was really happy to learn regarding what Renaldo said regarding to be around a group of people. Additionally, he was explaining so well that people like to be heard. Moreover, it was amazing the way he spoke regarding to spend time to know the kids and to build up a relationship with them. I was amazed because all these topics are conditions to have an inclusive learning environment.

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