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Holly Gardner

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What are the most-downloaded resources of the year?

Resources are always popular on Teacher Toolkit! We’ve been analysing the data to find out which ones have been the most popular this academic year and have summarised the top ten below. Find out what you may have missed …

Popular resources

  1. Resilience Assembly – Are you emotionally, physically and mentally resilient?
  2. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – A must-have planning favourite
  3. Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce – What is PPPB?
  4. The 5 Minute Marking Plan – Marking is an occupational hazard for all teachers.
  5. Outstanding Classroom Displays – Do you need help ‘sprucing up’ your classroom displays?
  6. What Would You Do? School Leadership – This is an in-tray exercise for a potential leadership interview.
  7. High Impact Ideas – What would be your top-5 classroom ideas to aid impact and student progress?
  8. The Question Matrix – This is a blog about questioning students in lessons.
  9. The 5 Minute AFL Plan – Sharpen your classroom practice with The 5 Minute AfL Plan
  10. TakeAway Homework – How to improve delivery of homework in your classroom.

We are planning on expanding our resource offering (watch this space!) and we’d love to hear what resources you’d be keen to find on Teacher Toolkit. Leave us a comment below to let us know.

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