Happy World Book Day

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Hanna Beech

Hanna Beech has been teaching for ten years and has a range of experience across Key Stages 1 and 2 in a large Primary School in Kent. She is a phase leader for Years 3 and 4, and also leads on teaching and learning for...
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How can we ‘big up’ books?

The reality is, encouraging pupils to read is perhaps now harder than it has ever been. Picking up a book when technology is so readily available is certainly a challenge! Try keeping the love for reading alive in your classroom this World Book Day by providing pupils time to ‘big up books’.

Big Up Books

  • Firstly, have a book to hand that you want to big up.
  • Model to the pupils how to big up the book. Share a key extract or line or summarise a great part of the text.
  • Talk about how amazing the book is and why it makes you feel this way. Exude passion!
  • Ask pupils to big up a book they love to their partner, really selling it and giving specific examples as to why it’s so entertaining.
  • Ask a couple of pupils to big up their book to the whole class.
  • The pupil who bigs up their book can then choose a peer to lend their book to.

Why is it a good strategy?

Although this is a great idea for World Book Day, try and implement it all year round! Keeping talk about books a regular experience in your classroom will keep reading at the front of pupils’ minds and show them that reading is something worthwhile.


Try inviting a colleague or visitor to come and big up their best book to your class. Showing adults as readers will encourage children aspire to read too.

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