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Mark Plan Teach Book Launch Bloomsbury Publishing HQ


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How can teachers ignore politics within education, and just focus on what they do best?

This is a question I ask readers in my new book, Mark. Plan. Teach. which has finally published this week. Bloomsbury Publishing have already told me that I am “their best-selling educational author, ever” and this was even before the book went on sale. So, to be honest, I’m flattered and overwhelmed by the support from the education community. Thank you.

This is the speech I delivered to those attending the book launch.

Literacy Opens Doors

“Firstly, thank you for coming. Who’d have thought, my 3rd book from someone at school, who wasn’t taught the difference between an adjective and a pronoun, or a conjunction or a preposition. Hounded by the literacy demons, I turned to teaching to better myself and later on, blogging to better my literacy. As a teenager and as student teacher from a free-school meals family, my mother knew literacy would open doors for us.

“I used to read the dictionary from cover to cover.” she would exclaim.

Her love of words were clear and I would quote her in most of my lessons.

  • Effluvium (ih-floo-vee-uhm)
  • Lateritious ( lat-uh-rish-uh)
  • Pandiculation (pan-dik-yuh-ley-shuhn)s)
  • Ebullient (ih-buhl-yuh nt)
  • Absquatulate (ab-skwoch-uh-leyt)n)
  • Antediluvian (an-tee-di-loo-vee-uhn)

Mark. Plan. Teach. are my fields notes – there are no clever words. There is nothing complicated. In fact, it’s a book for all teachers that offers pragmatic advice in a complex world of education. You can watch the rest of my speech in the video below.

Video: @NickCorston

Every idea in Mark. Plan. Teach. can be implemented by all primary and secondary teachers at any stage of their career. The ideas have been tried and tested and are supported by evidence that explains why they work, including current educational research and psychological insights from Dr Tim O’Brien, leading psychologist and Visiting Fellow at UCL Institute of Education.

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Mark. Plan. Teach. will enable all teachers to maximise the impact of their teaching and, in doing so, save time, reduce workload and take back control of the classroom. There are my field notes from working in schools throughout my career, so I hope you find the book meaningful and useful.

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