3 Ways to Simplify School Trips

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Georgie Porter

Georgie began her career in education as a Science teacher working in schools around West Yorkshire since 2013. She has worked with education charities, as a school governor and most recently led on Global Citizenship for Dulwich College (Singapore). Georgie is particularly passionate about equity...
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What is a simple way for teachers to plan effective school trips?

We’ve all been in the position where we are asked to take on extra responsibility on top of our already heavy teacher workload.

‘’Great news!” says your head teacher. ”We’re taking year 8 to Europe next October for a history trip, and we’d like you to plan it!’’  What is the first thing that goes through your mind? Is it joy or pride at being chosen for the task, or is it something more like dread? 

1. Reduce administration

Planning school trips can take on a life of its own, consuming your day-to-day planning, sometimes months in advance of the event itself. I have been talking with Diversity Study Trips about how their range of study trips and expert team can support you in planning and running trips in 20224/25 with less pressure. 

From planning STEM trips for small groups of students to science events or university trips to organising international student conferences, I know the stresses that trip organising can bring. However, I also know the pride of seeing my students excel in a new environment, knowing it was all worth it because of what they experienced and achieved. 

2. Choose the best location at a reasonable cost …

With so many areas of the curriculum open for exploration, plus the impact on personal development for students, the trip options are endless! It can be easy to follow the identical itineraries that have been used for years and years to cut down on workload. This is where the knowledge and expertise of the Diversity Study Trips team can help you be innovative.

Diversity Study Trips aims to transform secondary school travel experiences, tailoring trips beyond conventional packages. Their team, made up of experienced educators, works with you to build an educational programme that aligns with your curriculum needs, whilst also building in those added extras which make trips exciting and meaningful for you and your students. 

The team pride themselves on being cost effective, working within your budget to build the best trip possible, taking administrative tasks off your hands to improve efficiency which helps keep costs down.

3. Put safeguarding first!

With a strong team of 40 people, Diversity brings a range of expertise and in-depth knowledge of sights and experiences to choose from which perfectly align with your objectives. Safeguarding, risk assessments and constant headcounts are some of the most daunting aspects of school trips, Diversity’s ‘Safe Hands Policy’ has you covered!

From suppliers to accommodation and tour guides, all are vetted and audited for you. Diversity’s high standards will give you peace of mind that your students are safe from the moment they step on the coach, train or plane until you moment you arrive home. 

Explore the varierty of Diversity’s range of Study Trips. Add your ideas to this contact form and one of the team will get in touch with you and walk you through the process.

Workload sorted? Easy-peasy …

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  1. Hi Georgie,
    Your service could really be a game changer for those getting started with planning large-scale field trips. Do you have some handy links to resources to start matching learning outcomes with destinations?

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