Teacher Resignations: What To Do?

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How should you resign from your teaching position?

It’s always the season for teachers moving on to new horizons. In my time as a teacher, applying for jobs, handing in my own resignations as well as receiving them, here is my seasoned advice.


First and foremost, most state school teachers in England are bound by their school contract and The Burgundy Book which influences the (STPCD) School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document. These may vary according to schools and level of employment, but typically teachers are expected to give one term’s notice before leaving any school. For senior teachers, it is often two full terms and more for more senior posts i.e. executive headteacher. The Burgundy Book (section 3, paragraph 4.1) national conditions of service agreement for teachers ask for under two months’ notice and in the summer term, three months’ notice, terminating at the end of that school term.

Resignation Windows

In today’s market, with so many academies, free schools and independent school operating their own terms and conditions outside of mainstream school structures, it is critical all teachers read carefully through their contracts. For the purposes of resignations and notice periods, the dates of the three English school terms are (broadly) deemed to be:

  • for the autumn term, from 1 September to 31 December inclusive;
  • for the spring term, from 1 January to 30 April inclusive;
  • for the summer term, from 1 May to 31 August inclusive.

Therefore, teachers who wish to leave their jobs should observe the following deadlines when giving their notice:

  • to leave at 31 December, give notice by no later than 31 October;
  • to leave at 30 April, give notice by no later than 28 February;
  • to leave at 31 August, give notice by no later than 31 May.

It is important to note that these provisions only allow teachers to resign their posts with effect from the end of term. It is also critical to understand that the teacher-jobs market is evolving and that recruitment is becoming an all-year-round process. This will have some implications on types of contracts and resignation dates.

What to do?

If you have an interview or have accepted a new post, what should you do next?

  1. Speak with your line-manager.
  2. Inform them of your plans ahead and the potential decisions you need to make.
  3. Consider all the various pros/cons once accepting your new job. What is still left for negotiation? Start date? Salary? Part-time hours? etc.
  4. Consider what position you will leave your school in to replace you? The more time schools have, the better your school HR team will have to advertise and recruit somebody new. This will also leave you with plenty time to hand over key projects and ensure your teaching classes are left in a good position.
  5. When writing your letter of resignation, you should state that, although you are giving two months’ notice to take effect on 30th April or 31st May, you will be starting work at your new workplace from the start of the summer term or new academic year (e.g. 1st September) and do not expect to be paid from that date as you will no longer be available for work.

There is no obligation to do so, but often advice on the process involved in another school may be given or explained. Of course, sharing your plans may not be possible for several reasons: confidentiality, conflict of interest or worse, reprisal. Some may also feel they want to keep their options private until a decision has to be made, or references and interviews are requested.

What not to do?

And what should you avoid?

  1. Do not ignore your current employer and do not share your plans with somebody where no concrete plans are in place.
  2. At some point, your headteacher or senior member of staff will receive a reference request. It is always good practice/manners to go and ask for permission. Don’t assume that somebody will write you a glowing reference with less than 12 hours notice. If you give them a ‘heads up’, they can start preparing what to write in advance and ensure you are best placed for your new job …
  3. Don’t apply for every job available! Your school will likely have a ‘number of days’ granted paid-leave to facilitate you finding a new place of work. Sometimes arrangements can be made with your headteacher in exceptional circumstances. For example, relocating. Sometimes a one-day interview may require two actual days travelling and returning in-between the process.
  4. If you leave employment without giving the full amount of notice required by law, your employer may be prepared to grant an early release from your contract. However, you could also expose yourself to unfortunate consequences. Worst case, references or pay could be withheld. However, this is very rare in my experience.
  5. Decide when it is best to let colleagues, pupils and parents know. If appointed, the mood of others will change around you.  Your workload will become two-fold as you wrap projects up and begin new ones before you’ve stepped foot outside the school gates.

A teacher has no legal right to a reference at all and cannot challenge its contents unless it is inaccurate and/or malicious.” (Source) Do check the guidance as terms and conditions change on an annual basis…


100 thoughts on “Teacher Resignations: What To Do?

  1. Hey there!

    My girlfriend is quite worried about this. She basically has sent in her letter of resignation and also signed the new contract to start on the 22nd May. She signed these today on the 14th March. I should say that she decided that she could not stand to be at this school as her head of department calls her bad names and treats her poorly.

    In your experience, other than the bad recommendations from the headteacher and withheld pay. Is there any other things they may do to her?

    I appreciate the time to read this and respond, so thank you.

    1. Hi

      I am in a similar situation, am terrified to leave before my contractual notice period. But absolutely have to. Did her school end up doing anything to her? I just want to know what will legally happen to me if I leave before my notice period.
      Any advice would be hugely appreciated

  2. I have resigned a month back .. and they only give me salary of the days I go to school and not for the whole month .. is this legal ? What should I do ?

      1. Hi

        I am unhappy in my current school. I have a job offer for September but because I’m past the 31 May cut off date, my head will not allow me to resign before 31 Oct. My head said that there will be consequences if I resign before that. The other school may not wait. What is the worse case scenario for breaching the contract? Will they seek legal action against me ?

      2. You could be asked to return your salary at best, at worst, the school may take legal action, but I suspect beyond initial threat in writing, it may not lead to anything.

  3. Hi there,

    I’m suffering from stress at work. I provided a medical note and sent an email to the principal stating my concerns and asking for early resignation. No response so far. My contract ends in August. Can I hand in a resignation with 1 month notice due to stress, or can I only send a resignation with a notice according to the contract which is an august? What is the best way to handle this?

    1. You may be able to ask re. extenuating circumstances and it’s often at the school’s discretion. Worst case, you will need to serve notice as per your contract – as you would expect the school to do so also, but circumstances are the exception. Good luck.

  4. Hi there,

    If I tell my headteacher there is a position elsewhere that I want to go for and the interview is before the resignation deadline, will he still want my resignation beforehand or allow me to try for the position and if I don’t get it still have my current job in the new academic year?

    1. You can go for the job interview first. You do not need to resign and hand in any letter until the actual resignation date. However, your school will stipulate ‘how many days’ you can be off-site attending interviews. Check how many are paid/not paid.

  5. If the resignation date actually falls in the half term holiday and you find your dream job advertised just before half term and the advertised job application cut off date is the final day of the half term break, is it too late to apply for it? I have messaged my deputy Headteacher for a reference but if the cut off date for handing in your notice is 31st May and the closing date for applications for the dream job is 2nd June, (with the interview of shortlisted applicants a few days later), what are my chances of getting an early release from my contract in order to take up the dream job at the start of September? I am suffering from stress caused by workload, atmosphere and undermining/bullying, which I have reported but it has got worse. I dont want to make a fuss or cause any trouble. I just want to be allowed to leave.

  6. Hi, I’m handing in my notice tomorrow (31st May). My new job is not in a school and starts early August. Do I have to tell my current school this, or can I still get paid by them up to 31st August, as I’ve been told the pay over the summer holidays is tied in to the actual work already done since the start of the academic year.

    1. You do not need to tell your school, but you are technically not declaring full details – plus be aware that you ARE employed until the end of 31st August, so the school CAN technically ask you to complete tasks at home or on-site during that time (within reason).

  7. I’m going to be leaving my current job at the end of this year but need to leave a week before the end of term, is that possible? And what would happen with pay in that situation? If I’ve done 38/39 weeks work, then should I receive 38/39ths of holiday pay too? Or will my pay stop at the end of July when I leave?

  8. I’m on a 2 week half term and want to hand my notice in by 31st October so I can leave at Christmas. Can I do this over email to Head/personnel/head of department and hand in a paper letter? Or have I missed the deadline and need to see the job out until April.

  9. Hi, I started at a new school in September and I need to leave as it’s affecting my health. I’ve missed the deadline by just over a week to finish at Christmas and there’s no way in hell I’ll last until the end of April. What’s the likelihood of them letting me leave before then? Is it just two months notice or does it have to be at the end of a term?

  10. Hi,
    I’m unhappy at my daycare center as a teacher, and I’m hired to start a new job in a hospital on Dec 2019.
    Currently, I’m undergoing EAP and on 3 months observation at work due to other family circumstances that my manager knew of as discussed with me; despite that she is still difficult when dealing with me.
    When should I hand in my notice?
    What is the worst case scenario for pay? School closes on Christmas holiday

  11. Hi I have recently started at a new school in September and already had 1 week off on work related stress (which I never had in all my 11 years at my last school). I was so scared of becoming a statistic and of the awful behaviour of the students without SLT support so I handed in my reisgnation in October to leave at Christmas. The problem now is that I cant find another job and becoming increasingly stressed the closer it gets. (I am looking for jobs out of the profession by the way.

    Now I am beginning to feel I might end up.in supply teaching which could be worse.

  12. I started at an academy in September, part time on a permanent contract. I have decided I want to leave the profession completely but have missed the deadline for leaving at Christmas. However, I am still in my probationary period during which time my employer has the right to cancel my contract with one month’s notice- do I have the same right as well?

  13. Hi there,

    I’m unhappy with my work, and I’ve already sent my resignation letter but still they did not accepting it, but as far as I know I have no contract with them and they still saying that it exist, but when I ask them to show it, they have nothing to show ..what will I do?

  14. Hi!
    I work for a small school district that is about an hour and 20 minutes away from where I live and I am currently still finishing my masters in health and have completed a bachelors in PE. The school I work for has been incredibly sketchy since day one. The interview process was simple and I was hired on the spot. During the interview they made no mention of part time , full time anything the job was just posted as a probationary PE position (which typically can be read as full time). During the interview it was discussed that I would just be the PE teacher and that the school was small. It wasn’t until my first paycheck that they told me that I was part time and the week prior to the beginning of the school year they told me I was teaching health as well, but was not discussed in the interview by my employer or in the posted job application.. Being fresh out of school and young this was a dream come true to get a job and now I am 3 months in and my finances and health are gradually declining at an alarming rate. I have reviewed my
    my contract that states nothing of putting in a notice or anything about resigning. I am planning on speaking to the principal/superintendent tomorrow about my resignation. Is it possible for me to resign? If I do not resign immediately I will be in a deep financial hole that I won’t be able to get out of and I have no letters of resignation submitted or have made mention of this to anyone. I have tried to pull through but I mentally and financially cannot continue as it is ruining my financial health.

  15. I have been headhunted for my dream job that is outside of teaching. I have handed in my resignation and have requested early release so that I finish at my school at the February Half Term. My head has refused early release even though it is 11 weeks notice. I cannot turn down the new job as it is my dream, plus I am unhappy in my teaching role and suffering from stress from this whole situation. If I leave at Feb half term and do not stay until April 4th which is my contractual leave date, what are the repercussions of this? What can the school do? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

    1. Your employer could refuse to pay you and not offer a reference – whether they can or will is another question. I would offer to help recruit/find someone to replace you… You should also consider ‘what if’ you need to return to teaching, your future employer may ask for a reference from this school. It’s all speculation. The best advice is to talk through options with the headteacher and come to an agreement. Go to them with some ‘thoughtful options’ and let them choose.

      1. Thank you for this. I have references from my head of department and faculty. They are all very supportive. Do you know the legality of what the school could do should I breach my contract, I.e what they could sue me for? I am more than happy not to be paid from the day that I leave and will ask this. The situation is not at all about money and I am happy to take no pay from the date I leave. Thanks again

  16. I am currently working internationally but have a post at an independent school in the UK from April. I have verbally agreed and scanned the acceptance letter from my new employer; however unfortunately my family circumstances have changed to the point where I could not afford to make the move with my daughter – fiscally or emotionally; firstly she has terrible panic attacks and the thought of leaving has increased the regularity of these (she is having medical support for this issue). And secondly, originally I accepted believing there would be a school place for my daughter ( this brings with it a discount which I factored into my calculations but she did not get in and we cannot afford the full cost alternative). A maintained school is not an option because of her stress and anxiety, plus we do not know where we would be living because of these financial concerns. I want to withdraw my acceptance – I would be employed here for the two terms and my daughter could stay at the school until the end of this current year – year 10 (even worse). How badly would withdrawing reflect on me professionally and can I do it?

  17. Help!
    Started a new job last week and want to leave. I haven’t signed any form of contract. How can I leave in the best way?

  18. Hello,

    I am not a teacher so I am not sure how this sector works but I am just trying to clarify this to help my parter.

    She is currently working in a secondary school and she got a new job to start in September. What I would like to clarify is whether she would get paid for the summer period if she works in the current school up to end the course. She tells me that if she does not continue working in this school in September, she will not get paid for the summer holidays. I do not think this is fair and just wanted to check if this is legal. In my sector, if you leave your job and still have holidays to take, you get paid for these days (or can leave the job before the notice period ends).

    Like I said I do not know how this sector works so any help is welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

  19. Can you comprehend any other job where you are forced to continue to work for 3 months +for an organisation you want to leave, with a job to go to?
    It’s an outrageous expectation.

  20. Hi there,
    It saddens me to read this thread and see how many people (including myself) are unhappy in their current school.

    I too am going to hand my notice in next Friday and work my terms notice. I have no job to go to as of yet as I have only made this decision in the last week and due to my health and well-being do not wish to stay longer.

    On the reference side of things when applying for new positions I am worried that I would not get a great reference (although there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t). I have been intimidated, threatened and even shouted at whilst at this school and I do not trust getting a good reference from the head. However, I am worried that if I don’t put down my current head/school for a reference that a new school May contact them and this could be worse as there would be no written record?

    So do I just bite the bullet and put down current school or do I just use previous school and have two referees from the same school? (Worked there for 9 years) and only other school I worked at.

    What should I do?
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hi.
    I have been on sick leave for nearly 8 months due to a heart condition, which has also led to anxiety and stress.

    I have been working with Occ Health and attending counselling and also have been referred for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to try and regain my confidence to stand in front of a class and deliver my subject.

    Unfortunately, my condition is unpredictable and may cause me chest pain and other heart attack symptoms at any time, so the idea of this happening in front of 30 children is terrifying to me, and unfair to the kids.

    I have seen a job outside of teaching that would be perfect for me, but I am unsure if I can apply as I am currently signed off work by my GP, and what my notice period would need to be under these circumstances.

    I work in Scotland, and I have 28 years experience within the same Local Authority. The closing date for the other job is in a few days.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. I have been signed off sick with Depression for 2 1/2 months and have I think decided to offer my resignation and take a break before deciding my next step. If I hand in my notice presently will my school be obliged to honour an August 31st leave date even though I’ve been on compassionate leave for the past few months? Also if my doctor deems me unfit to work until the Summer Holiday (which they may well do) what likely recourse would the school have to insist I come back to work before the end of my contract on Aug 31?

  23. Hello, I’d really appreciate a reply as this is really worrying me!

    I’m currently at an independent school and, as is normal, I set 31st August as the date for which my contract would end, with my last day at school being in July. However, my new school, a state school, starts back in late August. I’ll be going from a full-time position to a part-time position, due to begin actually teaching on 28th August. Do I need to amend my actual leaving date, or just leave it as 31st August?

    1. It’s unlikely to be an issue, but yes, I’d recommend making your leaving date the ‘start date’ of your new employment (or at least the day before you start). Good luck!

      1. I am in a similar position – my new school has moved forward my start date to the 12th April (my last day on my resignation for my old school is 25th April). What problems would this cause? Would there be tax implications?

      2. Well I wrote ‘April 2021’ on my application form – the issue is that the two schools have slightly different term dates (my current school breaks up on the 1st April and returns on the 22nd, while the new school breaks up on 26th March and goes back on the 12th April). I feel like I might get in trouble with HMRC by technically having and being paid for two jobs concurrently because of these conflicting term dates!

  24. Hi,

    I’ve been on stress leave from work for the past 4 weeks now. Recently, I began looking elsewhere for a job and have been offered one today, however my notice period ended on May 31st.

    I was hoping to ask for early release from my HT however due to reasons for initial stress leave I feel like I will be asked to continue until the end of December. I have spoken to my union about this and they informed me that legally there is nothing I can do about this.

    I don’t think I have it in me to go back in September at all, is there anything else I can do?

  25. Hi,

    I’m a NQT+1 and I’m really unhappy at my school and want to move on to another school. I love the school but really dislike my department because of the Head of department. I feel like I’m being treated like one of the students and not like a colleague, and she has no respect for me. I wanted to leave last year but with COVID didn’t feel it was the right time to do so. I was vocal about disliking the way I’m being treated to the NQT co-ordinator and the headteacher last year. I very tempted to resign and leave at Christmas but I’m concerned at how this would affect my reputation as I’m only just starting out in my career. This current job those is really starting to affect my wellbeing though – I’m constantly stressed and my anxiety has never been worse. When I have tried to discuss this with my head of department, it is just brushed away. The department is also a very negative environment to the point where I get anxious at the thought of returning to school on a Monday.

    Is it worth risking my reputation/future to leave mid year (I know it’s extremely frowned upon)?

  26. Hi,

    I started at a new school in September and I’ve decided to leave. I know it isn’t ideal, but I really can’t see any future for me at the school and I’ve already got something secured for January- I’m just waiting to sign on the dotted line. Obviously, I don’t want to leave my school in the lurch, so I was going to let them know my intention and tender my resignation in the first week of October. My concern is that, as I’m a new member of staff, I’m still on probation. Does this mean that my school can ask me to leave at the end of October rather than seeing the term out? I’d rather see the year out in a toxic environment than not get paid at all.

    1. You’ll need to check the details of your contract, particularly the probationary section. The school could do that, but it all depends on how much they need you vs. replacing you with someone now or later. Always a two-way process. Think through possible scenarios and go to your headteacher with a couple of thought-through choices and let them decide.

  27. I’ve not heard anything about this but what is the curtesy when it come to look for another job? Who do speak to first? I don’t have the most supportive Head of Department so I don’t want to speak to him firstly but I want advice on how to do it the right way as to not burn bridges. I’m a recently qualified teacher and full list in all of this. I’m worried to leave this place and the support system I have her but I can’t continue here because of my wellbeing

  28. Hi there,

    Thank you for the very good points on this blog, and all your advice through the years!

    I have a quick follow up – sadly my new(ish) job hasn’t worked out and the school have decided not to put me through after my probabtion period.

    My contract states one full terms notice must be given. As we are mid term, am I right to think that a full term is up until the end of the Easter term? It would be if I were handing in my notice to leave , so assume (!) it works both ways & I will work (& be paid) up to and including next term.

    Thank you again.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this. It does happen sadly. One term’s notice is typically 12 weeks – check your contract. The school should also give you notice if they are the one who has initiated it…

  29. Hi,

    I’m into my 4th year of teaching, I did my first placement in the school I’m currently in (while I was doing my PGCE) and they offered me a job around Christmas for when I qualified, which I accepted. I passed my NQT year here and then the school became an academy. I have since failed 2 PMRs and am currently still on M1 salary – after a meeting with the head she told me it would be beneficial for me to find a fresh start in a new school.
    I’ve decided to leave and supply for a while, however, if I hand my notice in by 31st October am I required to work until Christmas or can the school ask me to leave earlier? I do want to stay until Christmas as it would help me financially but as the school don’t want me anymore can they ask me to leave sooner? Also, when applying for a new job will the fact I’ve been teaching for 4 years and am still on M1 hinder me being accepted somewhere else? (I do have the initial paperwork recommending me for pay progression this year but the recommendation was over turned in moderation).

    Thank You

    1. I’m sorry to hear. Cannot believe the school has kept you on M1 for 3 years! The right school will snap you up. Always resort to your contract for notice period. If you initiate the time you would like to leave, this gives the school time to plan for a replacement and you the scope to see out your contract and leave your classes in a good place for your successor.

      1. Thanks for your reply! Will other schools question why I’m still on M1? I’ve never known anyone in this position and I’m worried it’ll stop me finding another permanent role in a school

      2. This change to performance management was designed to acknowledge teacher recognition. Where it has failed is the bias of the decision-maker and its impact on teacher attrition. I firmly believe the right school will snap you up

  30. I have been working at a school for 4 years now. A new headteacher took over in September and I have decided that it is right for me to leave.

    I have checked my staff handbook and it says that the deadline is 31st October. It is now the 9th November and I have just applied for a new job.
    It may be another 1+ weeks until I hear from the potential new job, would I still be able to leave for a January start? If I left anyway, without giving the full notice period, what would they be able to do?
    My old headteacher has agreed to give me a full reference, so it wouldn’t matter as much if they withheld one, but are there any other consequences they could action?

    Do you think I should ask for a meeting with the governors to request early release? They’ve always known me to be an excellent teacher, so would hopefully accept my decision. My new headteacher would not.

  31. I would like my last working day to be the last day of the spring term. This is 2nd April in my authority. What date would I need to hand in my notice by?

    1. At least first day back after Xmas to be respectful, but you can wait until February half-term (depending on school/HT needs), but as I’ve said countless times in the replies, the details are all in your employment contract you have signed.

  32. Hello. I am relocating. I told my school and they told me to write a resignation letter. I put my ladt day as 31st August. My move is going quicker than anticipated. Can I change my resignation date to the end of the spring term?

  33. Hi what happens with my pay if I’m leaving on the last day before the Easter holidays and starting at my new school on the first day back after Easter?

  34. Hi. Really wanting to hand my notice in by the 28th Feb to finish at the end of spring term. Children go back to school on the 12th April. What should I put as my date of resignation?

  35. Hello,

    I am a Senior , new to post since September and feel complexity exhausted. I have no autonomy in my job and feel like a glorified PA to the head. School are aware how I feel.

    I think I need to start looking for other jobs. Ideally I’d like to see out the rest of the year. Do I need to let my head know I’m looking? I have always taken the approach that honesty is best. However if I tell them Monday, will they be able to give me notice /terminate my contract?

    1. Not sure what your circumstances are, but 99.9% of schools will have a capability/disciplinary policy they must follow if it gets to that stage where they want to encourage someone to go…

  36. Hi,

    If I want to leave by April, I know I have already missed my deadline to quit. I am an NQT but I just can’t see myself going through the stress/anxiety for another 3 months (I have been a victim of stress and depression in the past). A lot of people have said to me to ‘stick it out’ as it gets better when you finish off NQT but now I just feel like I’m starting from September all over again. The school which I am at is really nice and supportive but I don’t like teaching in general anymore especially because of the way we have been treated over the past year.

    Just a couple of problems I’d like to address:

    Would the school give me a bad reference if I ‘broke’ the contract and went to another job? What other repercussions could there be and would they ‘sue’ me?

    Would I be allowed to complete the last 1/3 of my NQT year elsewhere if I wished to, in case if I get signed off for stress and depression from now-July? Would my chances be diminished or looked upon unfavourably if I took time off to recover e.g. after finding out about this sick leave on the reference from current head teacher? (NOTE: also the Early Career Framework will be starting in Sept 2021 (induction lasting 2 years) so, would I be under the new framework and expect to complete my NQT year from scratch or could I complete the last 1/3 as normal?

    Thanks in advance!

  37. I’m in the unusual situation of having another role lined up, and my current school offering to exceed the new school’s salary offering after I have already accepted.

    To clarify, I have accepted the role verbally but have not signed my contract at School B. My current school (School A) is now offering to move me to the same pay scale.

    I am a NQT. Frankly, I’ve got no idea what the protocol is here should I want to stay with School A, though from what I have read this means my reputation would be mud in this region. I don’t know what to do.

  38. Frankly, it’s the convenience of my current role; the other school is a long commute, and if I relocate, I may end up having to rehome my dog (as I am renting) or struggle to pay the rent due to the higher cost of living in a new town.

    There are a lot of factors, and I think I have come to realise this over a few days. I’ve made the mistake of applying for many roles without considering the practicality of it.

    The most pertinent question, then — how tarnished is my reputation as an NQT should I rescind my acceptance of a role? In my training year this was highlighted as a cardinal sin, and I am struggling to understand where this leaves me (and if I can even rescind after accepting).

  39. Hi I have recently started working in a state secondary school part time and care for my mother on my other days. However I am finding the stress too much and have resigned. I asked the school if I could leave earlier than the contracted dates but they have instructed me that I must resign on the proper dates as stated in my contract. However I must put my welfare and that of my mum’s first so I am considering whether to leave at Easter or just after. I am retiring anyway at the end of this year anyway but may want to do part time work again if mum is required to go to a care home. What recourse do the school have and what might happen if I take the action I propose?
    Thank you for any advice.

    1. Hello Brian – I’m sorry to hear this. As ever, check the finer details of your contract. Your school will need a transition/handover period and not be left with a headache, so providing them with solutions is something I’d always advise. Although schools can chase up salary payments and breach of contract, it is rare, but it does happen. It’s very late in the day to leave the school without a teacher to work with the pupils, but there is a supply teacher chain to help in these extenuating circumstances. Costs, interview notice and applications all have to be factored in. Perhaps approach the school with a 50-50 solution to slowly plot your retirement at May half-term, then at least both parties can plan and prepare. Good luck!

  40. It’s sad to read how many of us are in teaching jobs that are making us so unhappy.
    I am in an independent school, I know we are supposed to give a full terms notice. I’m not enjoying it anymore, it was great for 8 years but changes etc have really altered the place and i am losing any work life balance I once had.
    I do need to work and don’t feel brave enough to quit with nothing to go to.
    I have applied for the ‘dream job’ but the interview date is listed as May, presumably aimed at those who have to give half a terms notice.
    I am also applying for a job that’s an improvement, but maybe not the dream!
    Either way I would know by half term.
    Do you think they will let me go?
    It seems crazy to hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be there.
    I am quite expensive, they seem keen on filling the school with teachers with a couple of years experience instead of the very expensive 20 + years (a colleague was told the other day she was expensive!) this however makes me worried I won’t get a job elsewhere too…..

    Thank you for any thoughts.

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