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Why can’t professional development be this good in our schools?

On Wednesday 23rd March 2016, over 400 teachers came together in their own time to take control of their professional development. The event trended on Twitter across the UK from 6.30pm until 11pm; click here to see.

TMLondon TeachMeet LondonIf you attended or followed @TeachMeetLondon online, this post will not need explaining. Even as I write, three days later the hashtag TMLondon is still full of content; professional development organised and led by teachers in their own time is buzzing the minds of those who attended or watched online.

We even had a team of ‘doodlers’ sketching the event. Click here to view the full image.


There was a great deal of preparation and planning for this TeachMeet, despite the first conversation only taking place 3 months ago, we managed to pull off one the greatest teacher-led CPD events, ever (again)! This would not have been possible, without the prowess of @SuperAsmy, @TinaTinaWard, @lucian121 and @i_atkinson; as well as the reprographics, IT Support and premises team at the school. This all became evident on the day when all staff switched into gear.

It was a moment to feel proud.


It would not be possible to organise such an event without the hard work of a superb group of teachers who, for the past 4 months have given up their time freely, to help plan the event. We have been planning the marketing and organisation of the event to a fine detail. Thank you to:

Click to enlarge.


Thank you to Emma Mulqueeny (@hubmum) and to Jaz Ampaw-Farr (@jazampawfarr) who spoke during the evening. To read the biographies of each of the keynotes, click here.

TeachMeet London TMLondon 2016 Jaz Ampaw-Farr Emma Mulqueeny

Emma Mulqueeny and Jaz Ampaw-Farr were brilliant! Thank you to both for giving up your time to speak at the event.


Click the presentation title to download the content.

Title of presentation  / Name / Twitter ID

Keynote: Women in Tech Emma Mulqueeny @HubMum
Multilingual Creativity HOST: Di Leed @DiLeed
to be uploaded Conor Heaven @ConorHeaven
to be uploaded HOST: Bansi Kara @BennieKara
Inspiring Lessons QK staff: Martin Stone  n/a
Magic Moments Catherine Steel @TaffTykeC
Creating Hook with Tech HOST: Martin Burrett @ICTMagic
Leadership Transitions Jill Berry @JillBerry102
Social Mobility QK staff: Colleen Jose @DesignQK
Project-Based Homework Kimberley Constable @hecticteacher
Teaching and Learning Top Tips HOST: Amjad Ali @ASTSupportAAli
Question Time Ty Goddard @Ty_Goddard
Keynote: Ambitious Resilience Jaz Ampaw-Farr @JazAmpawFarr
My Great Form Tutor HOST: Andy Lewis @iTeachRE
Impact on students QK staff: Cedric Lakole  n/a
Writing Less, Better Michael Smyth @tlamjs
Responding to Feedback Sean Williams / Rachel Califf  n/a
Poetry Slam Graham Chisnell @chizkent
How can we improve teaching? HOST: Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit
Empowering Others Hannah Wilson @Miss_Wilsey
to be uploaded Kenny Frederick @kennygfrederick
IT’s Working HOST: Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

Full Videos:

Thank you to Leon Cych (@eyebeams) for live-streaming the event, offering CPD to teachers all over the world.

Click to play the first half footage …

Click to play the second half footage:


TMLondon TeachMeet London

Thank you to Martin Burrett; his collection of images taken during the event can be found on Flickr, by @ICTMagic.

See you next year?


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  1. Wow! And fantastic follow up having all these presentations available to review. Amazing what a group of dedicated full time working teachers can pull off ! Well done Team #TMLondon , look forward to the next event.

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