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I have been blogging since 2000 on numerous social media platforms, but from an educational perspective, I published my first blog on teaching here in October 2010 and then moved content to this website in August 2012.

Since then, my writing has evolved and my audience has grown to 12+ million readers across the world.

I have written about education in journals and publications since 2004; focusing solely on teaching and learning, design technology, the Arts, staff well-being and most recently, classroom resources for every teacher. This has evolved (c)2008 into writing more and more about school leadership; staff development, wellbeing and educational policy. (May 2020)

Published Work:


Articles and videos indexed below in (most-recent) chronological order:

  1. Opinion: Should Ofsted police remote education? (The Telegraph, January 2021)
  2. Opinion: The true cost of keeping schools open during Covid (The Telegraph, November 2020)
  3. Start giving our teachers some respect. They hold the key to schools staying open. (The Telegraph, September 2020)
  4. The five-hour school lesson sounds like torture, but it could be the future (The Telegraph, July 2020)
  5. Looking to teach at a new school? Here’s how to find one that’s right for you during COVID-19 (May 2020)
  6. Teacher training: How do you prepare to teach a new class during lockdown? (May 2020)
  7. Conducting Remote Interviews: 7 Tips for Schools Hiring Teachers (May 2020)
  8. ‘Confidential’ Ofsted guidance for curriculum ‘deep dives’ leaked (December 2019)
  9. The Financial Times: Should you buy a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher? (December 2018)
  10. Radio 4 interview with comedian, Shappi Khorsandi – Homework and UK Education (April 2018)
  11. TheEduTechPro Podcast: Teacher Toolkit In The Studio (April 2018)
  12. Radio – Voice of Islam: Teacher Recruitment Crisis [from 1hr 25mins] (April 2018)
  13. JETRO: 100 Interviews on the Future of the UK following Brexit – PDF page 98 (March 2018)
  14. Radio – Voice of Islam: Young Carers [from 29mins] (January 2018)
  15. Teach Wire Primary, 6 Traits of Effective Teachers, page 15 (January 2018)
  16. National Education Union – Raging Against The Machine, page 18-19 (January 2018)
  17. ASCL – podcast with Geoff Barton at ASCL Cymru 2017 (December 2017)
  18. eTeach video webinar: The Proactive Approach to Recruitment (October 2017)
  19. TES Review: Mark Plan Teach (October 2017)
  20. First Utility – Engaging students with energy (October 2017)
  21. Ark – Mark Plan Teach: tried and tested tips (September 2017)
  22. 1624 – Podcast with Michael Wilshaw, Sir Anthony Seldon and Laura McInerney (August 2017)
  23. ASCL – Take Back Control (October 2017)
  24. ASCL – quoted inside Invaluable Experience (June 2017)
  25. Radio – Voice of Islam: Child Poverty [from 1hr 44mins] (May 2017)
  26. Cambridge University Press: The state of teacher professional development. (May 2017)
  27. Microsoft Education: A blog leads to big change for students and Ross McGill (May 2017)
  28. ASCL – #SLTchat, #SLTchat, #SLTchat (March 2017)
  29. BBC: Schools have no funds to train teachers. (February 2017)
  30. Schools Week: The (5th) Most Popular Schools Opinion Pieces of 2016. (December 2016)
  31. Schools Week: The numbers of teachers of creative subjects are declining. (July 2016)
  32. BBC News: A soggy start to the summer. (June 2016)
  33. Top Educator Influencers on Twitter by (May 2016)
  34. Schools Week: To reduce teacher workload, the DfE should lead by example. (April 2016)
  35. Education Support Network: Chatting with Ross McGill (March 2016)
  36. The Edupreneur Podcast: An interview with Ross McGill (March 2016)
  37. Schools Week: Does anyone know how many teachers we need? (February 2016)
  38. The Guardian: How teachers can use social media to boost their CPD. (February 2016)
  39. SSAT film 5: A Flying Start. (February 2016)
  40. SSAT film 4: The Marking Frenzy. (February 2016)
  41. SSAT film 3: Marking Is Broken! (February 2016)
  42. SSAT film 2: Do We Really Need Lesson Plans? (February 2016)
  43. SSAT film 1: What is a Good Teacher? (February 2016)
  44. SSAT 5 short films collection: Cutting Through The Waffle (December 2015)
  45. Schools Week: Who made Debrett’s Top 500 as an education influencer? (comment only – January 2016)
  46. Schools Week: The 3 Ideas Every Teacher Should Bin (January 2016)
  47. Top 10 Most Popular Schools Week Opinion Columns in 2015 (December 2015)
  48. UKEdChat: Teacher Toolkit book review (December 2015)
  49. Schools Week: Teacher Toolkit book review (November 2015)
  50. Deputy Headteacher celebrates 500th blog! (October 2015)
  51. What has happened to the teacher workload groups? (September 2015)
  52. Six steps to becoming a brilliant form tutor (August 2015)
  53. What is the number one piece of advice you would give supply teachers? (August 2015)
  54. Decamped (Blog featured – July 2015)
  55. Twitter for the Classroom (Blog featured – July 2015)
  56. Introducing my new book Te@cherToolkit (May 2015)
  57. Hidden Leadership by @TeacherToolkit (April 2015)
  58. @TeacherToolkit – The First Tweacher Celebrity?
  59. A Common-Sense Approach to Marking (Blog featured – March 2015)
  60. The Answer is Simple by @TeacherToolkit (February 2015)
  61. An up-close and personal, profile interview by @Miss_McInerney in Schools Week. (January 2015)
  62. The Marking Frenzy (Blog featured – November 2014)
  63. How to grab outstanding lessons with both hands! (September 2014)
  64. Ofsted’s new chair (Tweet featured – August 2014)
  65. Celebrating 100 years of education at Goldsmiths College, University of London (2014) Full Version
  66. ThreeQuestions on technology with @TeacherToolkit (August 2014)
  67. Teachers’ wellbeing: under scrutiny and under-appreciated (July 2014)
  68. Teachers, how would you like to be observed? (May 2014)
  69. 10 reasons to love homework. (May 2014)
  70. Leading CPD: Great teaching isn’t complicated, it’s about getting the simple things right. (July 2014)
  71. Going Beyond CPD with podcast interview (June 2014)
  72. Social Media for teachers by @TeacherToolkit – with podcast for Pivotal Education (June 2014)
  73. How can Ofsted win over teachers? (Tabloid – April 2014)
  74. Where do observations go from here? (March 2014)
  75. Can observers spot good teaching? (March 2014)
  76. School job applications advice (January 2014)
  77. @TeacherToolkit ranked No.1 Education Blog in the UK with interview. (January 2014)
  78. What are your career goals for 2014? (January 2014)
  79. Teacher blogs: who should I be reading? featuring @TeacherToolkit (December 2013)
  80. How can we ensure professional development is engaging? – live chat (October 2013)
  81. 10 professional development ideas for teachers. (October 2013)
  82. My 100 Ideas book journey (September 2013)
  83. How to move your teaching on from ‘requires improvement’? (June 2013)
  84. Rewards in my classroom to aid student progress – for Classroom Carrots. (June 2013)
  85. School careers clinic: help and advice on finding your dream teaching job. (March 2013)
  86. CPD Update newsletter: Planning and hosting your own TeachMeet. (February 2013)
  87. Professional development for teachers is not fit for purpose. (February 2013)
  88. Learning and Teaching newsletter: Strategies for reducing teacher talk during lesson observation. (February 2013).
  89. Professional development for teachers: how can we take it to the next level? (January 2013)
  90. Three key practices that Ross Morrison McGill believes will see long term benefits to the profession. (January 2013)
  91. CPD Update newsletter: TeachMeets – An underground revolution! (January 2013)
  92. I was awarded TES Christmas Star for 2012.
  93. Notes on the new Ofsted framework: how to be outstanding? (November 2012)
  94. CPD Update newsletter – Planning outstanding CPD provision for Support staff. (November 2012).
  95. CPD Update newsletter – Inadequate CPD: What to avoid and how to put it right! (October 2012).
  96. Policy review: are schools facing an autumn of discontent? (August 2012)
  97. The Top 10 best blogs on The Guardian Teacher Network for 2012.
  98. How fatherhood changed my perception of teaching. (June 2012)
  99. Embrace your school Prom! (May 2012)
  100. What makes an outstanding school? (April 2012)
  101. How senior leaders get their jobs? (February 2012)
  102. The start of a new term. (January 2012)
  103. Quest for a switched ONSchool. (December 2011)
  104. Questioning – Moving from Good to Outstanding. (November 2011)
  105. Coping with Redundancy. (October 2011)
  106. ASCL – The Last Word: A war of nerves?/Tarting it up! (December 2012)
  107. Setting up a collaborative cluster group – for The Key (October 2012)
  108. ASCL – The Know Zone: Permanent state of bliss? (December 2011)
  109. What are Training Schools? (September 2010)
  110. The White Paper (Discussion with Teachers TV & Dylan Wiliam- November 2010)
  111. Maintaining Staff Well-Being Under Pressure (May 2010)
  112. Saving Money Using ICT (June 2009)
  113. Saving Money Using ICT (June 2009)
  114. Managing Challenging Relationships (2009)
  115. DT Ownership of Learning for Teachers TV (2009)
  116. The Art of Differentiation for Teachers TV (2009)
  117. Rewarding Risk: How e-Scape changes learning? –  for FutureLab (June 2008)
  118. Can signs be used to improve teaching and learning? (January 2006)


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