15 Remote Teaching Approaches


Almost one year on from COVID-19, what have we learned about good remote teaching approaches?

In this (31 slides) resource, you’ll be presented with 15 ideas from new research (cited below), plus from my own work delivering remote teaching of teachers through webinars over the last decade. The resource is divided into 1) Curriculum 2) ICT and 3) Teaching and is presented in such a way that a teacher can share the content as a CPD resource when leading their own training.

I hope it helps.

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Is remote teaching a long-term school priority?

There is little evidence, particularly during the 2020 pandemic in England. One will struggle to find much information that will help teachers. The Education Endowment Foundation offered a solid review in April 2020, but it still requires teachers to translate the recommendations into pragmatic ideas. Unpicking new research, I’ve tried to signpost some pedagogical approaches and classroom strategies in various sections of the resource to help guide your decision making.

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