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Giving all staff the awareness of what choice is available to them, is a huge step forward for any school. This is a 2-page editable template (2016) for middle and senior teachers to adopt to help build a culture of trust, transparency and professional development culture. It will need updating and includes support staff on page 2, but offers a good starting point for schools.

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There are several reasons why quality CPD is lacking in our profession, including, to name but a few:

  1. teachers lacking the confidence to share ideas with one another
  2. lack of funding and lack of time
  3. lack of relevance relating to individual needs
  4. countless initiatives and priorities
  5. goal post changes by government policy, which then determine training needs
  6. administration tasks getting in the way
  7. isolated training days, rather than training aggregated over a longer period of time
  8. poor delivery and poor learning conditions, for example, a cold school hall with no food.

Teaching is not a job that can be achieved from a qualification on paper, yet often the default mode for teacher training is to provide lots of information and expect teachers to be better from receiving it, rather than spending the time learning how to use that information back in the classroom and later refine it. There is a supporting blog which explains why this resource was created in my role as deputy headteacher of a large secondary school in Central London. The aim was to raise the profile of professional development for teachers and support staff.

1 review for Professional Development Menu

  1. nickrowdene (verified owner)

    This is very clear and helpful to consider CPD needs and how they can be achieved for all staff. Thanks.

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