Organising Student Discussions


This resource offers 110 questions that schools can use for conducting student voice conversations as part of a quality assurance process.

Questions include a range of ideas for evaluating the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes across the school, personal development views and leadership and management impact.

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If teachers are the people delivering teaching and our students are the people experiencing the learning, then we should connect this feedback loop meaningfully.

As ever, and with all forms of evaluation, monitoring and review can be challenging in the busy nature of school life.  

Conducting focused student conversations is essential for an inspection or internal school evaluation to gather information you do not yet know. This may be ‘evidence’ of what you are already doing well or to evaluate systems and processes to improve them even further.

This download offers a series of A4 resource surveys to help reflect and design your personal student evaluation … or to use immediately with your students.


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