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Professional development need not be expensive or time-consuming, and this book is a perfect example. 60-second CPD provides you with bite-sized appetizers that will leave you hungry for more. Topics relevant to teachers of all subjects are comprehensively introduced and then portioned into easily digestible ideas that will prompt you to reflect, before taking action. You’ll read this book once and bookmark your favourite ideas, then return to it again, and again, as you seek to satisfy your desire to become the master teacher that your pupils deserve” (Andrew Milne).

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Teaching is tough, yet its rewards are huge. Every teacher wants to carry on getting better and better at what they do, but when you have so much on your plate already and only so many hours in the day, how can you find time for professional development? That’s where 60-Second CPD comes in.

This book is a compendium of 239 easily accessible ideas and theories for professional development, each digestible in roughly 60 seconds. It’s a book that every teacher and leader, in every primary and secondary school, can return to again and again as the year moves on and their career progresses.

Hanna Beech and Ross Morrison McGill have distilled the million and one ideas out there into one practical, concise and inspiration-packed book designed to build knowledge, provide opportunities for deep thought and reflection, and facilitate the sharing of ideas among colleagues and teams.

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