In-Class Participation


In this resource,  you’ll be presented with four ideas to help improve in-class participation and engagement.

This download includes a 48-page slide deck, a walkthrough video, five editable templates, 6 URL references, plus a CPD webinar with certificate.

  • Ideal for primary and secondary teachers
  • Perfect for CPD sessions or dissemination
  • On publication, this resource is exclusive to The Toolkit members for 12 months.
  • All webinars provide 2+ years of teacher training!


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Ask any teacher what they need the most is time and ideas to make their classrooms more productive! Some of my most popular blogs, books and resources are when multiple ‘pick and mix’ ideas are presented.

In this resource, I’ve been inspired by “Tips for Teachers: 400+ Ideas to Improve Your Teaching” by Craig Barton who provides an unbelievable range of ideas to support primary and secondary teachers. The book has 12 chapters, including habits and routines, assessment, planning, explanations, retrieval practice and homework.

I’ve selected some key ideas from the ‘participation’ chapter.



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