The 5-Minute Curriculum Conversation


Curriculum resources are built, not written. This document draws upon cognitive science to help construct curriculum conversations for busy classroom teachers…

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Almost 10 years ago, I published the 5-Minute Lesson Plan – download over 2 million times on this site – and from that moment, it has developed into 40 other schematic templates for teachers to help make aspects of their working lives a little easier.

I often return to the yellow Post-it note in the top right-hand corner of the original 5-Minute Lesson Plan. First coined ‘Stickability‘, before I became immersed in cognitive science, this was the phrase used to help teachers consider ‘what knowledge sticks?’

I now know that cognitive scientists better express this as retrieval, spaced and interleaving practice.

Understanding much more about these processes, from a curriculum perspective, when teachers have a secure understanding of what knowledge must stick, they can start to map out in a five-minute conversation, identifying how retention is accumulated over time.

Read the blog The Spider Web and Box Set Curriculum to learn more.


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