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Welcome to online professional development, led by @TeacherToolkit. 


I took part in a series of successful webinars in 2013/14. This time, I’m going solo and am offering webinars throughout 2016/17.

A webinar is a virtual training event taking place online across the internet. Participants will ‘connect’ to my computer to view presentations with full audio and video stream. The webinars include a range of interactive features and will be recorded and archived as a resource for participants who may not be able to attend at the time specified


I am inundated with requests to lead staff training sessions all over the UK. This is virtually impossible to do whilst working full-time as a senior teacher. As much as I enjoy working with other teachers, my primary focus is the work in my school. Webinars allow me to reach my audience without having to leave my school or travel long distances. I can also choose when to work. This means I can be at home more often and offer content to suit teachers and schools; just ask! The training is informal, recorded and interactive. Most of all, I thrive on leading them and connecting with my followers. (@TeacherToolkit)

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The current (online) professional development sessions on offer are:
DateFocusAudienceTime (BST)SpacesCost
Various datesT&L: How you can move towards non-graded lessons?School leaders8.15pm – 8.45pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesT&L: The 5 Minute Lesson Plan: thinking cognitively about lesson planning.All teachers9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesCoaching: What should I focus on for the term ahead?NQTs9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesLeadership: leading whole-school CPDSchool leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesT&L: creating conditions for accurate and fair book looksSchool leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesLeadership: creating systems for self-evaluation and monitoringSchool leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Email for a dateCoaching: new to teachingMiddle leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Email for a dateCoaching: new to middle leadershipSchool leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Email for a dateCoaching: new to senior leadershipSchool leaders9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Various datesLeadership: leading whole-school teaching and learningSchool leaders8.15pm – 8.45pmSome availability£5.00
Email for a dateSocial Media: using Twitter and WordpressAnyone9.00pm – 9.30pmSome availability£5.00
Subject to demandPer screen

A coffee!

For the price of a coffee, yes, a coffee!

For just £5.00 to help cover the costs of the software I am using and the time I need to lead webinars, I am offering resources and my experience to those interested in developing themselves or the work that they do in their school. The costs will also be invested back into this website to ensure quality content, demand and engagement. The payment and software process is new to me, so I would appreciate your patience whilst I navigate any teething issues.

  • Price: £5 (for all webinar topics) paid in advance.
  • This price is for one PC and as many observers as you can squeeze in front of the screen!
  • Please read the terms and conditions below.

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To attend any webinar, together with a video recording of the session, please complete the booking payment below. Please ensure you specify the date and title of your session. Teacher Toolkit will then send you an invitation email for you to register for the session and full joining instructions. After the live webinar, you will receive an email with the link to the video recording and a web-link to download any resources (if applicable).

Enquiry / Booking form:

This form will make payment to access the webinar. If you have any issues with the button below, please use my associated email address (Teacher[AT]me[DOT]com) by logging into your own PayPal account and pay directly to my email. Please ensure you state clearly: a) the title of your webinar and b) the date. Thank you.

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Thank you!

Read more about @TeacherToolkit here.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Bookings: can only be made through this website and will not be confirmed until either payment has been made (via Paypal) at the point of booking, or, where a customer is unable to make payment via Paypal and through prior agreement with Teacher Toolkit. We reserve the right to cancel any webinar registrations for which a payment is not made in advance of the webinar.
  2. Cancellation Policy: once booked, a cancellation fee will apply of 100% of the webinar fee.
  3. Liabilities: Teacher Toolkit shall not be liable for “local” issues regarding access to webinars, both advance registration and access to the webinar itself, such as network failures, security protocols, firewalls and any other restrictions on customers accessing their purchased webinar. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they can fully access the webinar. Full system requirements can be found at LINK HERE.
  4. Unforeseen circumstances: should Teacher Toolkit be unable to deliver a webinar at the specified date and time, we will endeavour to provide the webinar at an alternative date and time that is acceptable to all registered participants. Should this not prove possible and no other suitable arrangements can be made for delivery of the webinar, a refund will be made.
  5. Copyright: recordings of our webinars, whether included in the price of a live webinar, or sold separately, are provided strictly for use within the purchasing organisation and must not be transferred to any other organisation (eg. via email, or CD/DVD or USB memory stick) without the prior permission of Teacher Toolkit.
  6. The webinar holding page is here.

Please get in touch to have any questions answered – Thank you.