Become A Learning Specialist – How Learning Happens

Do you want to teach more efficiently than you currently do?

If you answered 'Yes' to this question, this course is for you!

You can spend years mastering teaching but never mastering learning. This 4-day course will coach you to understand how learning happens at an anatomical level; to become a 'learning' specialist!

Ross has worked with 100,000 teachers; 17.5+ million people have read his website!

The Teacher Toolkit Guide To Memory

Bronze, 150

Bronze includes

  • Attend and learn from all 4 sessions
  • 12 hours of training; £37.50 per session
  • Access 15,000+ pieces of research data
  • Learn more about the brain
  • Understand types of memory
  • Access to all video recordings, no slides
  • Course certificate

Silver, £250  only 199

Silver includes

  • Everything in Bronze, plus
  • Attend, learn and recap
  • Full A4 slide decks
  • Editable resources
  • 11 one-page cartoon summaries
  • Adapt ideas for online/physical teaching
  • Offline, one-to-one mentoring

Gold, 450

Gold includes

  • Everything in Silver, plus
  • Attend, learn, recap and upgrade further!
  • Signed Guide To Memory book (£12.99)
  • Free Bronze membership (3 months)
  • Access to all memory resources
  • Lead the training yourself
  • Full refund when training at your school

One and half days of high-quality  INSET training; cheaper than most CPD providers!

Training Dates + Topics

  1. Saturday 4th February, 0930 - 12.30 (GMT) - Introduction to the research, the brain and how learning happens anatomically.
  2. Saturday 11th February, 0930 - 12.30 (GMT) - Types of memory, and how teachers can support or hinder learning
  3. Saturday 18th February, 0930 - 12.30 (GMT) - Cognitive load theory in practice, and mental models for learning
  4. Saturday 25th February, 0930 - 12.30 (GMT) - An introduction to cognitive apprenticeship, and taking the research back to school.


  • Tickets include VAT
  • Tickets are non-refundable/non-transferrable
  • All are delivered online via Streamyard
  • Each week, we will unpick two to three areas of research. 
  • The final weekend we unpick how you can lead the training (ch.10) for yourself using Ross's teacher training wisdom and insights.

One headteacher said:

An artful blend of teacher-specific research with practical approaches for improving memory!

Hosted by

Led by Ross Morrison McGill, founder of @TeacherToolkit and one of the most influential educators in the UK, Ross explains his latest research, guiding you through practical steps you can implement in your work. Whether you are a school and college leader, or a teacher with a lead responsibility, this course will provide you with a comprehensive guide! Ross says:

"The impact of this knowledge will ripple through your classroom pedagogy, quality assurance methods and how you work with students. Understanding how memory is shaped anatomically is a vital part of what is missing in our teacher training courses, and is something that some teachers are now starting to realise.

Let me help you take your first step to reshape your perspective on teaching and learning!"