Guide To Memory One-Pagers

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Drawing upon my website analytics (72 seconds), these one-page summaries of my research – cognitive science and neuropsychology inside the book, Guide To Memory; a beginner’s guide for teachers … – will help you get up to speed with the brain and working memory. Designed to support busy classroom teachers, squeezing all 25,000 words into 10 bite-sized reads!

This download includes the 11 PDF templates, a private webinar, a free audio introduction to my book Guide To Memory, and a 20% discount code you will not find anywhere else.


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Whilst I am no cognitive scientist, I do claim to be a teacher, a researcher and someone who, having led whole-school teacher learning and professional development in several settings, has a deep fascination with the mechanics of the classroom. Understanding how we learn is a journey that everybody should undertake, whether a student, an educator or a parent. If we are to put ourselves into the position of a teacher or school leader, it becomes critical that we should know more about memory. I have taught myself this and offer it here to you. 

You can find more information about ‘working memory’ in my book, but for now, this resource brings all my tips together as a useful ‘planning tool’ …


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