An EBacc Embarrassment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why have we had to wait 500+ days for the Department of Education to publish 2,755 responses to their consultation?

87% Oppose #EBacc

Reading Time: 9 minutes What are policymakers discussing and what decisions are they making that will influence education?

Stop The EBacc!

Reading Time: 7 minutes During 2015 the DfE announced their intention to make entering 90% of students for the EBacc suite of GCSEs a future school performance measure that will be given a more ‘prominent role’ within the Ofsted framework.

I Failed The #EBacc!

Reading Time: 6 minutes How would you (as an adult) fare if you completed examinations in foreign language, a humanities or indeed learning maths, English and science subjects all over again? I know I failed at least two of these subjects when I was 16 years old. Was my school a failure? Was I viewed as a failure too?

#EBacc Nonsense

Reading Time: 6 minutes How does government policy affect the life chances of students in your school?