7 Ways to Use the New IPEVO P2V Visualiser!

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Georgie Porter

Georgie began her career in education as a Science teacher working in schools around West Yorkshire since 2013. She has worked with education charities, as a school governor and most recently led on Global Citizenship for Dulwich College (Singapore). Georgie is particularly passionate about equity...
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What classroom tool adds a significant impact to your practice?

If you’re in need of some new technology for your school or department, we highly recommend checking out the specifications of the new P2V visualisers from IPEVO!

The P2V can replace them all.

It’s a super versatile piece of kit that can boost the impact of your teaching practice for you and your students! Read our 7 uses for teachers below and find out more about the kit here.

1. Visualiser

The P2V is primarily sold as a visualiser, and it does just that in brilliant 4K detail. Just add on the multi-jointed, magnetic stand to show documents and resources from your desk. The image quality means no more issues with students at the back of the room seeing the detail! You can plug and go easily, with no software to set up, and the lightweight camera can be carried around easily if you move classrooms regularly!

2. Demonstration camera

As a science teacher, this excites me most about the P2V! There is great potential for showing demos to the whole class without worrying about constantly altering the camera. The P2V has a 100-degree field of view, which means it captures a larger area of your desk and has excellent macro focus, ideal for demos! Complete an eye dissection or electrolysis demo, for example, from the comfort of your desk while every student sees every

3. Webcam

Online learning may be a thing of the past, but many teachers still need a decent webcam. Whether you now hold parent-teacher meetings online or meet with colleagues across your MAT online, the P2V has you covered!

4. Fine focus image capture

Do you need to explain detailed processes to students for design and technology or physics and find it hard to get photos from your phone? The super macro focus of the P2V has to be seen to be believed! It can capture detail up to a cm away, which means seeing the tip of a biro pen in 4K detail on the screen. Amazing for capturing tiny details in experiments or creating in-depth guides for students!


5. Scanner

The P2V camera can capture documents up to A3 size and digitise them. Use the add-on SnapCapture OCR software and edit these digitised documents. It’s great for optimising scanned images (no more grainy worksheet scans!), merge pages, edit and extract text.

6. Video recorder

Download some free software from IPEVO, and you can easily turn the P2V into a video recorder for yourself or students. This could be useful if you need to record high-quality student performances for PE or Drama.

Or maybe you support trainee teachers and want to record sections of their lessons to reflect on together? The P2V can double up as a camera students can use to record high-quality videos for class or extra-curricular projects, reducing distractions from iPads or even their phones!

7. Microphone

This is a more niche use, but the P2V has near-perfect audio quality, enhanced with a cool AI feature to remove background noise. Are you a language teacher recording yourself or students? Do you love using verbal feedback for your classes? Do you just need excellent audio quality in your video recordings?

The P2V has your back for all of these uses and more!

Can you think of a way to use the P2V that we haven’t?

Find out more about the camera, and purchase a P2V for yourself?

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