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How is technology shaping our classrooms?

Bett 2024 offers insights, innovations, and invaluable connections within the international teaching community! I think it’s one of the best education conferences a teacher should visit …

The breadth and depth of teaching and learning

Bett is not just an event; it’s a vibrant community of educators, technology, and innovative teaching practices under one roof; from radio shows and podcasts with edtech leaders to interactive pedagogical quizzes!

I’ve now attended Bett for 20 years. The show offers a breadth and depth of information on the latest technology and its potential to transform classrooms.

At Bett 2024, my visit began with an engaging podcast alongside Priya Lakhani OBE, the visionary behind the tech marvel Century Tech. Discussions like these are the heart of Bett, where ideas flow and partnerships flourish. Amidst the whirlwind of opportunities, I found solace and strategy over coffee with John Jackson at the LGfL stand, where I quizzed Bob! This is a reminder that pausing to connect and strategise is key amidst the buzz.

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I ventured into the crowd, posing more pedagogical questions to Cameron from RockKidzUK before catching up with an old friend, Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) and Brett Griffin from Pupil Progress UK.

Amongst all the gadgets, I renewed my love of IPEVO’s hardware for its genuine and long-lasting impact in classrooms; a nod to technology that truly enhances teaching and learning.

There’s so much to choose from!

The international education community

One thing that surprised me is that no matter how many years I have under my belt, I’m always challenged by the notion of teaching and learning in the classroom. Bett has an enormous community of sport and technology, providing gaming facilities to students and careers. The film Gran Turismo is an excellent example of how students may lose their way in our curriculum but can foster a successful career using technology.

Active Floor has the potential to promote wellbeing, including Lion Learning Pathways’ curriculum support, Bett really is a remarkable event. However, getting caught up in all the excitement is really easy! The potential pitfalls are still evident across the edtech landscape; I urge teachers and school leaders to navigate technology with caution …

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment was reconnecting with ‘Shomari’ one of my former students! She is now a teacher, emphasising the impact teachers teachers can have!

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Questions for teachers

  1. How do teachers integrate simple tech tools to enhance their teaching?
  2. What strategies can teachers employ to navigate large educational tech events like Bett?
  3. What role does pedagogical knowledge play in selecting tech for your classroom?
  4. How can you ensure technology adds genuine value to your students’ learning?
  5. How can you use tech to foster wellbeing in your classroom?

The significance of Bett is its ability to foster a community of teachers eager to integrate technology into their pedagogy.


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