Techniques for Refining Curriculum Planning

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Name one teaching technique that has refined how you approach curriculum planning?

Every teacher will have either a person, a technique, or a teaching tool that has genuinely changed the way they approach planning …

Now, think of one or two classroom ideas that have totally changed the teaching landscape?

Depending in which decade you entered the teaching profession will likely determine how you respond. I can only answer for myself, so here goes:


In my teaching career spanning from the 1990s to the present, I have witnessed several transformative changes in the classroom. One technique that significantly refined my approach to curriculum planning was the introduction of email communication in the 1990s. Instead of relying on physical memos, I learned how to write emails that could be easily shared with all staff members, streamlining communication within the school.


Moving into the 2000s, the use of overhead projectors (OHPs) revolutionised teaching methods. As someone who initially trained using traditional blackboards, the ability to project visual aids and diagrams onto a screen greatly enhanced my ability to teach complex concepts effectively. Later in the decade, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) started to make their way into classrooms, further transforming the teaching landscape.


As we entered the 2010s, technology continued to evolve rapidly, bringing about numerous educational advancements. The rise of social media, improved management information systems, and faster internet connections have all contributed to reshaping the teaching landscape. Additionally, this decade marked the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) to the mass market.

One notable online tool that emerged during this time is the five-minute lesson plan to help teachers generate lesson plans quickly and efficiently. Although opinions on this tool may vary, its unique and proven planning techniques have become a popular resource among teachers worldwide.


How quickly has technology changed over the last two decades?

So much of what I’ve described above is the tip of the iceberg. Social media, improved management information systems, improved Internet connections, mobile phone technology, and service level agreements to allow students to have their laptops. The list is endless!

It goes without saying that this decade is the birth of artificial intelligence, so returning to one of my most popular resources on this website; the five-minute lesson plan is a tool that has been used (literally) by millions of teachers worldwide.

It’s one of those Marmite ideas – love it or hate it.

In collaboration with Angel Solutions, I have further enhanced the digital five-minute lesson plan by integrating it with AI technologies such as ChatGPT.

By drawing on curriculum guidance and cognitive science, the tool can now generate lesson plans in less than 30 seconds, significantly reducing teachers’ workload while maintaining coherence and clarity in their lessons.

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Simple, ReallyI am absolutely confident that there is no other technology like it.

Whilst thousands of new tools will be available, no unique AI platform offers exclusive support with lesson planning. The earlier adopters I have seen are trying to do everything and anything, leaving ChatGPT coding very ‘open brief’ for the user.

The digital 5-Minute Lesson Plan goes two steps forward and one step backwards. This is deliberate.

The tool will integrate the technology and the trusted lesson-planning process to take your planning to the next level. Combining AI and specific planning techniques, the 5MLP will take you two steps forward with your workload, but one step backwards to keep you engaged with the curriculum planning process.

That is no accident, and I am confident you will love using it.

It is this planning process which brings about lesson coherence and clarity to help teachers deliver outstanding lessons!

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3 thoughts on “Techniques for Refining Curriculum Planning

  1. Seeing the advancements technology has made within the last 2 decades is mind blowing. There are so many resources for students of all ages/grades accessible and ready to use in education. I am excited to see what is to come in the next few years and how a classroom will be structured. Currently Florida is working to have 1:1 devices which at the school I work at is happening and making a great impact on education!

  2. Having the technology that we have today is incredible for teaching. We can use a variety of learning systems that help both the teacher and the learner. AI technologies are an interesting topic. Im sure that they could be helpful in someway for lesson planning.

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