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How can schools, colleges and Multi-Academy Trusts find new employees, and save money?

Over 6 million jobseekers visited Teaching Vacancies last year – a national teacher-vacancy service – provided by the Department for Education for schools to list vacancies and recruit excellent teachers.

So far this academic year, 3+ million people have visited the website …

6 million users!

I campaigned for many years in education to see a teacher vacancy jobs platform for schools to list teaching vacancies for free! A place where all teachers could turn their eyes – one central platform – to find their next teaching job.

It’s good to hear more and more people are turning to this platform to find their next teaching job, but we still have some work to do to encourage more schools and colleges to use the service.

Schools can save money …

With an estimated £75 million per academic year previously being spent on teacher recruitment, schools now need not spend a penny on recruiting top teaching talent!

Watch what these 6 teachers have to say …

“What I love most about Teaching Vacancies is that it is free, which certainly helps with my recruitment budget! Most importantly, we have been able to re-invest the savings on recruitment directly into the classroom. We have made a stunning new library for our pupils and have also been able to afford guitars and keyboards so that every single child at Charles Dickens learns to play a musical instrument.”

Michael Egglestone, Headteacher of Charles Dickens Primary School


Latest statistics

  • Last month, 370,000 jobseekers used Teaching Vacancies!
  • 50,000+ jobs were posted in the last year
  • 60,000+ people sign up for job alerts
  • Over 83% of sign-ups are by schools
  • 86% of school hiring staff recommend using the service to a colleague.

“We were spending tens of thousands of pounds each year on recruitment. Now, with Teaching Vacancies, we attract the same top-quality staff through an easy-to-use service that is completely free. To date we have recruited 40 teachers to the Trust using Teaching Vacancies.”

Cassie Buchanan OBE, CEO of The Charter Schools Educational Trust

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