STEM for Sustainability is the Future of Education

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How can we teach sustainability issues in our schools?

Across the UK, there’s been a renewed push to reform how we teach STEM subjects in our schools, moving towards teaching our young people more about sustainability issues …

Teaching sustainability and technology …

To build a better future, teaching robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence, students need to understand sustainability.

Only this month, there has been a call to modernise, for example, how we teach design and technology in schools, moving away from one-off products than end up in landfill, towards teaching sustainability issues.

Whilst I accept the design and technology curriculum needs evolution (and funding), teachers were already working with young people in classrooms, linking the curriculum to sustainable issues in the modern world.

Perhaps our teachers need more support?

Being creative with curriculum design …

This is why schools need to be creative with curriculum design, develop more efficient ways of working with reducing budgets, and find new ways to engage young people, bringing the real world to life in the classroom.

Only last month, the world observed over 100 million people sign up for ChatGPT in just two months – faster than any other technology – this is the future of our classrooms. I have observed several schools already embrace this technology in the curriculum.

However, what else can schools do to support teaching and learning?

Teaching problem solving

Twin’s “STEM for Sustainability” approach teaches children to use STEM solutions to develop a better world. 

Students can build robotics and coding projects with Twin’s hands-on Education Pack. It contains different components and activities, teaching to build robots or prototype inventions that work in the real world, solving future problems!

Twin’s learning platform is revolutionising how schools can teach, providing ready-to-use lesson plans with tailored learning outcomes according to your students’ ability, all aligned to the national curriculum …

The platform is a great way to access resources tailored to students’ needs and interests. It also allows teachers to monitor and track student progress, ensuring they can identify areas where they need to focus more attention.

Free resources!

You can start your FREE 12-month subscription as a gift from TeacherToolkit.

Teaching young people how to code is an engaging and interactive way to teach computational thinking and problem-solving skills, which can enhance the curriculum offered in schools and support the needs of a sustainable future.

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