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How can teachers capture great student work?

Consider for a moment how much paper is generated by your school each year. Paper files could be significantly reduced by switching to a paperless system.

The iScanner app is the perfect tool to reduce paper. Its simplicity and usability are designed to reduce workload too! Why not make paper-free working part of your school’s workload reduction plan this academic year?

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Imagine the scenario

You’ve set your classroom students off on a task, and 20 minutes later, they produce unbelievable pieces of work! You regret not asking them to complete it electronically and don’t have time to scan thirty pieces of work. What could you do? Well, that’s easy! Just pull out your mobile phone from your pocket and start snapping …

Easier and more convenient!

The iScanner app was created to make teachers’ working lives easier.

Whether it’s a book page, a register, an entry log, or a scribbled note, iScanner will convert all those documents into a mobile-ready PDF file – high-quality scans too! You can choose HD, high, medium, or low resolution. Teachers often have handwritten documents to send to students, parents and one another, so this app tackles this workload issue easily. It is intuitive and easy to use.

‘How to’ demonstration …

  1. I have already downloaded the app onto my iPhone
  2. I’ve selected my child’s History exercise book
  3. Let’s assume the teacher set this task and now wants to scan an excellent piece of writing to save it online.
  4. Here is how easy it is to do without exploring all the other features.


iScanner Demo

Advanced technology …

Even a crumpled sheet of paper will turn out readable if scanned with iScanner. This is particularly helpful when teachers or pupils accidentally crumple their work!

The iScanner app explores the potential of advanced technology to produce top-quality rectangular images. You can easily extract text from a scanned page, edit it, and save it as a new document. This precise OCR text scanner recognises all popular languages and can even work with multiple languages within one document!

High performance

iScanner is not limited to scanning. It’s so easy to use; teachers can reduce workload very quickly!

The app allows you to edit and share documents and performs several other productivity functions. You can also benefit from ultra-fast scanning of any number of pages into one document. The app is safe to use, and the data is secure. It’s also great for the environment too! It’s worth considering how your school can help to declutter mindfully, recycle effectively, and go paperless.

Make paper-free working part of your school’s workload reduction plan this academic year; complete this form to get 1-year *free access to the iScanner Pro app!

(*iPhone and iPad only)

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