3 Ways To Develop Resilience for Pupils

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What if developing resilience and retention could be made practical for your pupils?

Positively You provides bespoke social and emotional education workshops, expertly tailored to your individual school needs.

1. Finding new ideas to engage your pupils

As a school leader, there are only so many assemblies and motivational events you can lead for your pupils before you need a fresh set of ideas. These ideas can emerge from other colleagues in your school organising or leading an event or bringing in external support. The danger with opting for the latter is sometimes you are stepping into the unknown, plus it can be really expensive.

So, what if I told you that Positively You could significantly impact your pupils, and offer good value?

2. For your pupils

Positively You Logo WhiteFrom workshops in resilience, exam retention and personal development, Positively You can support your pupils helping them become confident and creative young learners.

Their practical techniques increase information retention and improve exam performance, helping pupils to gain the tools they need to become effective learners.

All workshops (virtual and physical) are designed to motivate and ignite creativity in pupils to help them develop their resilience.

By combining personal development with practical techniques for learning and retaining information, Positively You equips pupils with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

3. Your unique school

On my travels, I have understood how each school is very different, despite working with the same challenges and goals. It’s reassuring to see that Positively You take this stance too; designing workshops around your school, and developing a programme of engaging sessions that are practical, useful and promise positivity and transformation.

PositivelyYou works across all ages, from primary to post-16 and also supports your whole-school community with workshops for parents and teacher professional development sessions.

Partnering with BIC to work creatively, they have an online resource hub which launches in September 2022.

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Growing our passion

Positively You is a collection of former teachers, memory experts and acclaimed motivational speakers who continue to grow in size – and impact! 80,000 teachers have now benefited from their continuous professional development programme.

Positively You say ‘our techniques work, and schools come back year after year to help support new pupils in every year group.”

School leaders need trusted ideas, recommended by colleagues and something you can return to year-on-year. That’s much better value, and much more likely to have an impact on your pupils.

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