🎨 The Power of Art in The Classroom

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How are you actively encouraging creativity and confidence in the classroom?

Developed by Sky Arts in partnership with leading artists and expert organisations, this brand new learning programme is available to all primary school teachers and children in the UK and Ireland.

Access All Arts…

Celebrating the arts and highlighting their importance is something I’ve championed throughout my teaching career. The research evidence supporting the health and wellbeing of young people is very clear.

As we emerge from COVID-19, after a long period of time in which access to the arts has been restricted, plus long closures of schools and arts institutions, Access All Arts week will give every teacher the opportunity to bring the power of the arts into their classroom in 2022.


5 curriculum pathways…

Teachers will be provided with five resource modules, built around five forms of artistic expression:

Marks – Words – Sounds – Moves – Images

Within each expression, schools will be able to explore two different artforms:

  1. Marks: 2D Mark Making and 3D Mark Making
  2. Words: Poetry and Storytelling
  3. Sounds: Singing and Instruments
  4. Moves: Movement and Drama
  5. Images: Filmmaking and Photography

Each expression features videos from celebrity artists and creatives including Bob and Roberta Smith, MC Grammar, YolanDa Brown (someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with before), Liz Pichon and many more, allowing pupils to discover a range of different artforms with the experts themselves.

How does it work?

As with all excellent resources, you can plug and play it into your classroom immediately, or slightly adapt the content to fit around you, your school and your pupils.

Resources are free for everyone – what’s not to like about that? – and will be made available in the Resource Centre from late March. Access All Arts week will be offering clear step-by-step guides on how to explore each artform, plus each day will end with the chance for calm reflection and celebration.

Over 3,500 teachers have already registered for a creative celebration. It’s time to build confidence and skills in our young people and help make the school curriculum come back to life…

Register now to start your Access All Arts adventure.

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