Developing Pupil Resilience with Music Lessons 🥁

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Rock Steady Music School


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What music experiences did you have at school?

Founded in 2007, Rocksteady is the world’s largest provider of rock and pop band lessons to primary schools across the UK…

Inclusive music education…

Were you (or your children) provided with the opportunity to sing, play and work together in a band? Perhaps your school lacked the time and equipment, or didn’t know where to source useful resources?

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I attended church as a child and was exposed to musical instruments. Thankfully, my primary school nurtured this interest and I soon had a brass trumpet in my hands. I know not every child has this opportunity to be exposed to weekly music tutorials.

Rock Steady Music SchoolRocksteady teach children to play music in a band setting as part of the school day in primary schools across the UK. The programme is designed to deliver quality music education to build confidence and support wellbeing.

With decades of experience and a deep and rich curriculum that identifies 300 explicit skills using some of the world’s best child-led teaching methodologies, the programme is the highlight of the school week for tens of thousands of primary school children every week.

This curriculum provision is backed by equipment and edtech, developed with extensive training and ongoing support over several years. Schools or parents do not need to provide anything, making rocksteady a really easy way of adding additional music provision.

Rocksteady’s ethos is rooted in inclusion and child-centric learning, which has led to a partnership with Trinity College London to develop a revolutionary exam-free music qualification, that year 5 and 6 children achieve with regular lessons.

The result?

A unique opportunity for schools, parents and young people to experience refined and inclusive music education.

Rocksteady is free to schools!

Liz Holt, a lead music teacher at Oxhey First School said, “We have already seen the positive impact playing in a band has had on creating new friendships, developing resilience and boosting emotional wellness. We would highly recommend Rocksteady!”

Rock Steady Music School

There is no cost to the school…

In most cases, lessons are parent funded, meaning they can be provided at no cost to the school. To ensure everyone has a chance to participate, Rocksteady also offer bursaries, plus pupil premium places. Children work towards a concert at the end of term to showcase what they have learnt which is another opportunity for the whole school to get involved and a great way to engage parents.

Children learn at their own pace in a safe and enjoyable environment. Just watch the video below to see how happy and engaged the children are…

I’ve witnessed first-hand how music can support our young people’s mental health, wellbeing and confidence. It’s important that all schools offer the option to experience music; Rocksteady is an easy way for a school to get started!

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