🎧 Podcast 126: Championing Pupil Mental Health

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Joshua McGovern

Joshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018. He is responsible for our Soundcloud and iTunes channels and is the production manager for podcasts. He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University. Aside from working...
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How does your school champion pupil mental health?

Our 127th interview is with, Richard Langton, head teacher of Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall and Sophie McPhee, PSHE coordinator and programme director for Change Your Mind. We are also joined by two students: Susaan and Samraaj…

Listen to the podcast (39 minutes)

In this podcast, listen to Queen Mary Grammar School cohort and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • The in-school prioritisation of open discussion around mental health
  • Creating a welfare hub for students and imagining new roles for support
  • Change Your Mind’s origins and structure
  • Student responsibilities in Change Your Mind 
  • Change Your Mind’s expansion across the UK and its growing remit, and
  • How schools can engage with Change Your Mind.

Our legacy will be our wellbeing hub as a physical representation of our togetherness and our sense of community…

Queen Mary Grammar School featured in my Just Great Teaching research: 10 Amazing Schools.

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