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How can English schools access catch-up tutoring for their pupils?

Catch-up tutoring is open to any state primary or secondary school in England that is eligible to receive tutoring through Tuition Partners. It is aimed to support pupils whose education has been most impacted by the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, I have been working with the National Tutoring Programme to help schools support our young people. Earlier this week, I hosted a virtual event with the National Tutoring Programme team to explain the 3 routes to tuition, plus gather the views from those participating to understand their needs and hopes.

The National Tutoring Programme currently has 41 approved Tuition Partners for schools to use with more being added in the next few months to increase coverage…

To get started, register your school here:

Using Tuition Partners, schools will be able to access high-quality tutoring from an approved list of tutoring providers, who have passed a set of quality, value-for-money and safeguarding standards. During the session, there were lots of questions that people raised. I have highlighted some of those issues below in the surveys I conducted with participants and offer some suggestions.

How can schools access tutoring?

The NTP website has a searchable function within the Tuition Hub which allows schools to view the Tuition Partners that best fit their needs. Schools will be able to view information about each Tuition Partner, including what sort of training their tutors get and how much a block of 15 hours of tutoring costs. All tuition will be subsidised through NTP by 75%. With the subsidy paid directly to approved Tuition Partners. This means schools only need to pay 25%.

Will there be enough tutoring for all schools?

The NTP is an ambitious project and it wants to reach as many disadvantaged pupils as possible in the coming academic year with a finite number of tutoring sessions available to schools. Demand will be high and there may be a cap, so I would recommend that school leaders act quickly.

Is there a maximum number of pupils schools can buy tutoring for?

There will be no maximum number of pupils schools can buy tutoring for. However, the NTP is aimed at making tutoring accessible to disadvantaged children who need the provision most. 

Which pupils should schools approach?

A school needs to consider the number of pupils to put forward as well as the funding they have available. School leaders will need to factor in scheduling sessions and the space and/​or technology required for it to take place, liaising with Tuition Partners on pupil attendance, engagement and the actual tutoring sessions. 

The National Tutoring Programme has the potential to make a huge difference to tens of thousands of disadvantaged pupils across the country. It is essential all schools get involved!

Register your interest as soon as possible.

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