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Is it possible for teachers to gather more assessment data, without lifting a finger?

CENTURY accelerates assessment, reduces workload and enhances teaching interventions, all at the same time. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

Not all schools are ready to use artificial intelligence in the classroom, whether it’s a lack of understanding or the IT infrastructure, or a nervousness associated with what AI is and how it can help teaching and learning.

How can technology make a teacher’s life easier?

I first discovered CENTURY in 2015 when founder Priya Lakhani visited my school to share some exciting possibilities. Over the last 24 months, behind-the-scenes I have occasionally offered feedback here or there to help make the platform even better.

What does CENTURY do?

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What I love about CENTURY is the instant feedback it provides back to the platform itself – by the millisecond!

The level of detail is astonishing, and it’s even more exciting that this technology is now in the classroom.

The technology can predict how a student interacts and responds to an assessment; informing what you should or shouldn’t do next as well as spotting student misconceptions and gaps in learning.

Having dug into one or two student case studies in the past, I know what a difference it makes to student outcomes!

CENTURY offers:

  • English, maths and science courses for Years 3-11 aligned to the national curriculum
  • Advanced personalised learning proven to increase student engagement and performance
  • A reduction in teacher workload of up to a staggering 6 hours a week in marking and admin
  • Topic recommendations for students to focus on, determined from ‘diagnostic assessments’ that students complete
  • As assessments are completed, CENTURY creates a learning pathway tailored to each student’s unique needs

What makes CENTURY different to all the rest?

In my life as a teacher-blogger, I get exposed to a wide range of software platforms to help teachers and students. Whilst I have written about many on this website, there are very few that I would strongly recommend as transformational and cutting edge.

There is also a misunderstanding with what artificial intelligence actually is. Many software platforms claim that they use AI technology to help enhance her teachers use the information and determine what to do next. However, when you dig into the details, sophistication with the technology behind-the-scenes isn’t actually what it claims to be.

Designed by teachers and neuroscientists

The learning materials are created by former teachers, presented as nuggets pieces of information. I know my involvement earlier on helped shape the teacher assessment reports into bitesized information for busy teachers. This data can be easily downloaded and transferred to other platforms – ideal for school leaders and reporting.

Students can see their progress, strengths and areas for improvement through their dashboards, giving them more ownership of their learning. The Leadership Dashboard can be used to view data across the whole school to inform decisions.

You can register for a webinar to find out more about this fabulous tool!

CENTURY is used in 40 countries, with more than 1 million questions answered by students every day, producing over 60,000 recommendations!

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