Podcast 6: How Can We Encourage Girls Into STEM Careers?

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How do you encourage girls into STEM education?

My first interview for 100 Years, 100 Women is with Priya Lakhani, OBE. Priya is CEO and Founder of Century Tech. I caught up with Priya at the BETT show just before she took to the arena stage to talk about finding the time to love teaching.

In this episode you can hear Priya and host Holly Gardner talk about:

  • technology that learns how your brain learns
  • how teaching & Priya’s entrepreneurial drive inspired her to set to work to improve education in the UK
  • how wrong the ‘image’ of teachers in the UK is
  • why she founded her own edtech company
  • that we must encourage girls into STEM education
  • how we can help girls to take risks and be entrepreneurs
  • which 3 women, dead or alive, to invite to a dinner party

“We teach girls at a very young age not to take risks; failing is part of my day job – we must encourage girls to take risks!”


You can follow Priya on Twitter and find all the 100 Years, 100 Women interviews on social media using #TTkit100women.

Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner is TT Editor, as well as a Freelance Publisher. She has been working with @TeacherToolkit for over 6 years - since she published his first book in her role as Senior Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury Publishing. Since then, she left her day job, moved to Madrid and trained as an English teacher. She is now a key member of the TT team, continues to teach english and edit books, and also spends her time learning spanish and searching for the best tortilla de patata! You can follow her at @HollyEditTeach.

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