Delivering Feedback To Colleagues

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How do you support and challenge the colleagues around you that you lead?

No one wants to give negative feedback to a coworker, but sometimes a clear message needs to be delivered. Here are 7 tips…

In teaching, rarely does stepping into a new role and responsibility involve receiving the training you need to support and challenge colleagues around you.

All middle leaders I work with tell me they have never been trained how to provide support and challenge. They don’t want role play, but they do want to learn how to be supportive and challenge where needed to help teams move forward. Shadow opportunities do help, but they rely on the resources available from the current leadership team…

This resource offers 7 tips for providing difficult feedback, designed to support teachers who receive insufficient CPD.

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I hope these tips and the resource offer some reminders and ideas for approaching conversations we are all part of, regardless of what side of the table we sit…

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