Supporting Children With Loneliness

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How can we all support students who suffer from loneliness?

It has been a very challening year for pupils and teachers. To support schools, Red Cross has published a series of new resources to support teachers who are working with pupils and families, helping those who are at greater risk of experiencing loneliness.

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Helping those at greater risk

Tackling Loneliness, a programme supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport focuses on helping those who are at greater risk of experiencing loneliness as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

British Red Cross Loneliness

Groups identified as needing greater support include young people, people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, the digitally excluded, refugees, people seeking asylum and other vulnerable migrants, people at risk of loneliness due to health issues and older people.

Red Cross have some key resources to support your work with young people who are experiencing loneliness themselves or supporting others who feel lonely.

This builds upon the work we have already produced with the British Red Cross at the beginning of the academic year.


Resources available

  1. Free mental health and wellbeing tools to reduce young people’s feelings of loneliness.
  2. There is a lesson plan to support your curriculum delivery and workload.
  3. Loneliness might make people feel isolated, but sharing your favourite songs with others can connect people. You can access a curated playlist to help lift the mood.
  4. We’ve all felt lonely at times, but as coronavirus restrictions will make this much worse. Red Cross has published 6 reflections that could help you support others with loneliness.

The Red Cross has also created The Snowman™  and The Snowdog calendar in partnership with Snowdog Enterprises Ltd. as part of this programme, designed to help build confidence, coping skills and connections. It’s a fantastic resource!

Lesson plans

If you’re looking for a lesson plan to support your curriculum delivery and children and young people experiencing loneliness, Red Cross resources will help

  • identify and discuss what loneliness is and how it makes us act
  • recognise situations and events that might make people feel lonely
  • talk openly about loneliness and maintain meaningful connections with others
  • learn what we can do to cope with loneliness and help others who feel lonely.

You can access the resource pack here.

These Red Cross resources are designed to build confidence in our young people, shaping coping skills and connections