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How are video resources supporting teachers through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Worldwide school closures has made remote learning become the norm; the quality of resources teachers are using to distribute to students has become more critical than ever.

Responding to the unprecedented and devastating COVID-19 pandemic, resource provider ClickView has made all of their original curriculum-aligned video resources available to all schools, completely free! Using these resources allows teachers to formatively assess students on any topic, adding an interactive layer of retrieval practice or critical thinking. This content provides an engaging lesson structure for students in their learning and can support higher-order thinking and reflection.

6 Reasons to use ClickView

  1. There are hundreds of both primary and secondary video resources for a wide range of subjects
  2. Accessible any time, anywhere; there are no logins or subscriptions
  3. The platform provides access to curriculum-aligned video content with formative assessment
  4. ClickView integrates with your school’s existing VLE
  5. All of the content is updated regularly to align with the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence
  6. The platform is free from advertising, currently used by 4,000 schools around the world.

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What’s the catch?

There is no question that COVID-19 has significantly impacted schools and students around the world. Teachers are responding to their evolving roles, while families navigate homeschooling challenges, balancing work and other commitments have been a steep learning curve. Already trusted by over 4000 schools, ClickView believes that they can help maintain access to quality education and keep the learning momentum going. Michael Wilkinson, managing director said, “This small but important act can benefit some of the teachers and students across the UK, giving them resources that are educationally relevant, engaging, stimulating, and of the highest quality. We want to help as many educators and parents as possible to teach remotely, and with confidence.”

“Many similar companies have already offered free access to their products. ClickView has chosen to remove all hoops to make the process as simple as possible, without a list of obligations or conditions.”

To explore the resources and teach remotely with confidence, visit: clickview.co.uk/free

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